Business Benefits of Unified Communication

Business Benefits of Unified Communication

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, January 03, 2019

Unified Communications (UC) is a term to describe the market efforts to integrate all the communication channels to allow the user to access all this information easily. UC effectively blurs the border between the communication channels. The objective of UC is to unify and streamline the business procedures that involve human communications. It does not describe a technology but rather defines a convergence that is happening in the market, bringing together vendors, technologies, applications, processes, and users. It is the integration of all communications components into a homogeneous, efficient, productive user experience.

UC provides real-time access to phone communications, messaging, data sharing, and conferencing from a variety of devices. It also allows every staff member and customer to move between them. This helps in optimizing productivity across all business operations. On a UC platform, instant connectivity provides flexibility. There is no limitation of being in the office.

Superior reliability is offered by UC, by creating performance redundancy that protects against downtime. UC allows a transformative collaboration where stakeholders can collaborate in real-time which will aid faster response to environmental and competitive changes. Another advantage of implementing UC is the cost savings it provides. This includes the savings on the initial cost of the system and long-term cost. Unified communication can also reduce the company's carbon footprint and significant savings in the energy bill as well.

The right UC solution should be better communication than a mere phone system. This system helps in improving customer experience with the business. When implementing UC in the workplace it should be partnered with an IT provider. The provider will make sure that everything is properly installed and confirm the availability of the right technology in right place to encourage conversation.

When departments and teams are on the same page the whole business wins.

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