Big Switch Networks to Boost Hyperscale Networking with Enhanced...

Big Switch Networks to Boost Hyperscale Networking with Enhanced SDN Fabric and Elastic Pricing Model

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 06, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Big Switch Networks, a networking company, announces significant advancements to its SDN fabric products and introduces hyperscale-inspired elastic pricing structure to provide customers with flexibility, reduced cost and a pay-per-use consumption model for Hardware, Software and support.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) fabric architecture refers to a separation of the network’s data and control plane, followed by a centralization of the control plane functionality. In practice, it implies that the network’s policy plane, management plane and much of control plane are externalized from the hardware device itself, using an SDN controller, with few on-device off-load functions for scale and resiliency.

The new advancements in SDN fabric products include:

Development in Hyperscale Networking:

Organizations can now deploy next-generation networks that deliver the benefits of centralized management, network automation and reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEx) with open networking switch economics. Big Switch's SDN solutions accelerates network transformations in mainstream enterprise and carrier data centers with the help of  an external SDN controller, advanced fabric design and open networking hardware.

Introducing Big CLOUD FABRIC 3.0:

Advances in Big Cloud Fabric include deeper integration for both VMware and OpenStack environments which provide organizations with greater networking automation, resiliency, and simplicity. The newly advanced Big Cloud has been designed to deliver unified physical + virtual SDN fabric for deploying resilient OpenStack clouds. Its controller acts as the single pane of glass for provisioning, troubleshooting, visibility and analytics of the entire physical and virtual network environment.

Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is a data center fabric built using Open Ethernet switches and SDN controller technology. By accelerating application deployment, the fabric simplifies operational workflows and provides immediate root-cause analysis when application performance issues arise. It supports both physical and virtual workloads and choice of orchestration software.

Innovations in Big Monitoring Fabric:

Big Monitoring fabric is a modern network visibility fabric that leverages high-performance, open Ethernet switches to provide pervasive security monitoring and visibility of an organization’s network traffic. SDN-centric architecture provides scale-out fabric for enterprise-wide monitoring, operational simplicity, and multi-tenancy for multiple IT teams to simultaneously perform network monitoring using tenant-specific inline or out-of-band tools and policies.

With the new advancements, the fabric will supporthigh density 100G switch to meet the massive bandwidth demands for monitoring carrier and cloud data centers. Using the fabric controller, Big Monitoring will provide scale-out and low cost monitoring services such as de-duplication and packet modification with an x86 service node for simplified operational experience.

Elastic Pricing Model for SDN:

With this pricing model, consumers can purchase twice the capacity of SDN fabric at no additional cost. It will enable customers to spend CapEx for average utilization while enabling their future growth or temporary additional capacity on demand. The new model will be offered in small, medium and large configurations. 

"Big Switch is committed to disrupting the status quo of box by box networking, both architecturally and commercially. We have spent the past year executing against this vision and today's announcement(s) represent the next steps in this journey,” said Douglas Murray, CEO, Big Switch Networks.

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