Benefits of Structured Cabling for Businesses

Benefits of Structured Cabling for Businesses

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, May 31, 2021

Structured cabling solutions are not just limited to office buildings and can be used in almost any industry.

Fremont, CA: Structured cabling is an essential networking system for any growing business. Structured cabling has various uses, making it versatile and able to meet your business's needs and goals. Installing a structured cabling system is an investment in the future of your business. Now, companies may be thinking, "why is it such a good investment?" Here are some reasons that can better help answer that question.

Pays for itself

Indeed, the cost of installing a structured cabling system isn't cheap. This investment will eventually pay for itself by making your employees more effective and lowering IT costs.

Lesser repair times

Since a structured cabling system is separated into a group of devices that is connected to a single local cabling panel, it's easy for enterprises to identify problems and solve issues.

Plan for the future

A cable has an average lifespan of 15 years, which is two to three times longer than most devices. The cabling system that companies install today will be around for a long time and will handle several generations of devices. When a company switches to a structured cabling system, it helps to future-proof your network.

Enhanced flexibility

It is simpler to add more devices to the network with the adoption a structured cabling system. Instead of running a new cable from additional devices to a switch or server using a long cord, companies can connect the device to the closest cabling panel.

Audio-visual needs

Structured cabling solutions can support streaming conference calls to keep everyone connected, no matter where they work.

Data center management

Structured cabling systems can provide the right kind of layout and organization for your business's data center. Enterprises will be able to quickly move, disassemble and reassemble your data center if you move business locations.

Distributed antenna system

Structured cabling solution supports distributed antenna systems for wifi and wireless coverage.


Structured cabling solutions can connect all of a company's security cameras and surveillance equipment and control sensors across the office premises.

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