Basefarm Enters into an Agreement with Smartoptics

Basefarm Enters into an Agreement with Smartoptics

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, May 13, 2021

Basefarm signs agreement with Smartoptics to widen DCI capacity for Norwegian data centers.

FREMONT, CA: Smartoptics, a pioneering provider of optical networking solutions, announces that European managed service provider Basefarm has agreed with Smartoptics to upgrade its Norwegian fiber network. The new network will assist Basefarm in meeting increasing demands for higher bandwidth and enhancing its data storage service offering. To address customer demands in both the private and public sectors, Basefarm visioned to upgrade the data center interconnect for its Norwegian data centers. The solution is powered by the Smartoptics DCP-M40 open line system and PAM4 optics, offering Basefarm a stable ring network for 32G Fibre Channel interconnecting the data centers.

Stability is a top priority in Basefarm’s services for both data center storage and interconnection. The long-standing confidence in Smartoptics in both Norway and Sweden, along with an innovative and robust solution, was the determining factor in selecting a supplier for the new fiber network. Doubling potential from 16G to 32G puts us in a better position to meet customer requirements for reliable communication between our data centers. This offers the company a stable platform to continuously introduce new services and more active applications that meet enterprise market requirements.

Smartoptics’ DWDM-based solution allows Basefarm to scale the value of the leased lines between its data centers. Selecting an active line system makes it possible to monitor all lines, ensuring that services can be offered in line with the high-quality standards the firm’s customers expect.

Both the companies have made major investments in developing their offering for the DCI segment to meet requirements for increased potential, security, and robustness in DCI networks. The Basefarm project is a good example of the efforts to meet data center requirements for secure and reliable DCI links carrying storage traffic and applications.

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