Azul Allies with Microsoft to Extend Zulu Embedded for Windows IoT

Azul Allies with Microsoft to Extend Zulu Embedded for Windows IoT

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 06, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Today devices targeting Internet of Things (IoT) are scaling in the market and are undergoing constant change to pave way for new innovations. In such current scenario Azul System, provider of Java runtime solutions is collaborating with Microsoft to offer Java developers open source development tools, device I/O libraries and a Java runtime for IoT applications in Windows 10.

Zulu embedded for Windows 10 IoT is fully certified built of open Java Virtual Machine (JDK), making it customizable to meet the changing needs; requires no license fee with flexible support plan. It is compliant with the Java 8 SE specification and has been certified by Azul for use with Windows 10 IoT Core. This gives an edge over time to market advantage by delivering flexibility and economics needed to match IoT embedded market.

The partnership will meet the needful of Java development and runtime requirements for Microsoft’s IoT initiatives including continued updates to ensure compatibility with the latest Java updates and security patches as well as support for additional IoT device connectivity, control, and communication. The solution is easy to deploy, requires no coding or additional changes to the existing applications and comes with flexible configuration with reduced runtime memory foot print.

“Our OpenJDK-based offering provides a compelling and freely distributable open source solution for Java developers building solutions for Windows IoT. Azul Systems is committed to updating and evolving Zulu Embedded to meet the specific requirements of Microsoft's IoT platforms,” says Scott Sellers, president and CEO of Azul Systems.

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