Assisting Next-Gen Developers with Advanced DevOps Pipeline...

Assisting Next-Gen Developers with Advanced DevOps Pipeline Integration

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, April 08, 2019

Topaz is a leading mainframe DevOps solution for developers to bring modern development and third-party tools-of-choice to a mainframe. New and significant enhancements were announced by Compuware, to assist organizations to quickly get new developers up to speed and construct seamless mainframe-inclusive of DevOps pipelines. Developers and testers can now easily group mainframe, and Java projects preferences and configurations into Topaz Team profiles can be shared with other teams and individuals. This sharing will provide access to high-value knowledge that can be used to jumpstart common tasks like debugging programs and editing data. Topaz’s use of Eclipse projects has been enhanced to make mainframe developers’ experience similar to that of Java developers. The knowledge sharing helps the staff to be more productive, and it eliminates repetitive work.

A new Jenkins plugin is added to Topaz to make it easier to automate and integrate mainframe processes into a cross-platform DevOps pipeline. The plugin will enable the release managers and DevOps professionals to execute Job Control Language (JCL), it is an essential scripting language which controls mainframe tasks. Compuware Topaz utility plugin accesses the mainframe framework faster than conventional FTP—which is considered as an unacceptable security risk by many. Compuware has enhanced Topaz for Total Test, and it is a premier automated unit testing solution for the mainframe to support CICS. The technology creates virtual CICS commands, canceling the need to access active CICS test regions. Through the Jenkins plugin, the CICS test cases can be executed automatically.

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The new Topaz innovations mark the 17th consecutive quarter that Compuware has given critical innovations that will empower organizations to mainstream and modernize their mainframes. The enterprises can better leverage their mainframe intellectual property as well as the platforms unmatched performance, reliability, scalability, efficiency, and security. Chris O’Malley, CEO of Compuware stated that, by applying their skills to mainframe application, the next-gen developers could deliver extraordinary business value. Topaz provides the developers with an intuitive, familiar, automated, and rich functional ecosystem that they need and prefer to fulfill a critical mission. Compuware enables the world’s largest companies to shine in the digital economy by helping them use their high-value mainframe investments fully.

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