Arrow Electronics and Intrinsyc Roll Out Open-Q410 SOM to Increase...

Arrow Electronics and Intrinsyc Roll Out Open-Q410 SOM to Increase Production of Intelligent Connected Products

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT,CA: Arrow Electronics, a  provider of products, services and solutions for enterprise computing partners with Intrinsyc Technologies, a solution provider for the development and production of intelligent connected products to announce the availability of Open- Q410 System on Module(SOM) to meet the increasing demand of embedded computing applications.

The latest product is a miniature embedded computing platform that is built to enable rapid production of intelligent connected products that include robotics, cameras, set-top boxes, wearables, medical devices and home automation.

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Intelligent connected products are products, assets and things embedded with processors, sensors, software and connectivity that allow data to be exchanged between the product and its environment, manufacturer, operator/user and other products and systems. Connectivity also enables some capabilities of the product to exist outside the physical device, in what is known as the product cloud. The data collected from these products can be then analyzed to inform decision-making, enable operational efficiencies and continuously improve the performance of the product.

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The Open-Q 410 features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, a product of Qualcomm Technologies. The Snapdragon 410 processor is designed to meet the demanding requirements of embedded computing applications with its high performance, energy efficiency, multimedia features and integrated connectivity.

“The Open-Q 410 SOM provides an efficient path for production of compact and connected products, it’s a strong addition to Arrow’s portfolio,” says David West, VP of global marketing and engineering, Arrow Electronics.

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