Arrcus Unveils its Multi-Cloud networking (MCN) Platform

Arrcus Unveils its Multi-Cloud networking (MCN) Platform

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Arrcus has introduced its solution for connecting distributed applications and data by announcing the Arrcus Multi-Cloud networking (MCN) platform.

FREMONT, CA: Arrcus is the hyperscale networking software organization. They have introduced its solution for connecting distributed applications and data by announcing about the Arrcus Multi-Cloud networking (MCN) platform. The Arrcus MCN Platform provides connectivity that is smooth without any disturbances. It is available to sustain an excessive amount of workload and data with hyperscale performance and security across any cloud, any region, and any site. The consumers can use Arrcus MCN, which exceptionally withstand the rapid evolution of applications and data distributed in locations all over the world. It can also influence a new architecture that offers hyperscale multi-cloud networking solutions with dependable scale, regular performance, and continuous orchestration. ArcOS also drives the solution. It is an established, robust, microservices-based network operating system that has been developed from primary principles that have the industry-leading route scale and merging times.

Chief Analyst at Futuriom, Scott Raynovich, said, “customers are increasingly managing applications and data that span data center, multi-cloud, and edge environments. Delivering software-centric solutions with a common software-powered architecture, common operational capabilities, and a common security posture across all these environments is key to modern digital-first networks. The Arrcus MCN platform, with a simple, scalable, and seamless approach, extends the proven ArcOS hyperscale architecture to meet, exceed and future-proof customers multi-cloud networking requirements.”

Enterprises and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) also have their resources that have been delivered in several data centers, the edge co-locations, and public cloud broadcasting. The existing solutions from the current suppliers and newcomers are siloed and incomplete solutions that can unreasonably increase the expense of CapEx and OpEx. The problem consists of:

• Various toolchains, workflows, and operating models are used for the data center and the cloud

• Shortage of incorporation with data center IP Clos because of the legacy cloud routers

• Restricted scale because of lower quality of control plane software

• Unstable performance due to traffic hair-pinning limited scale and added operating cost for security

According to Devesh Garg, founder and CEO, Arrcus, “enterprise multi-cloud adoption is fundamentally a transport challenge; more generally, how one efficiently moves data across such varied networking deployments at the lowest cost. Approximately 90% of SaaS customers require solutions integrating existing data centers with public clouds. Furthermore, these solutions must support both brownfield and greenfield deployments while providing flexibility, predictable application performance, scale, and always on security while supporting a consistent orchestration environment. The Arrcus MCN platform singularly provides the Power of One, a solution that unifies and provides seamless connectivity across the data center, the edge, and the multi-cloud.”

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