Are We Ready for the Upcoming Smart Connected World?

Are We Ready for the Upcoming Smart Connected World?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, October 28, 2019

AI technology will help homes and companies improve the chances of surviving events intact or helping them to adopt safety in a more effective and quick manner.

FREMONT, CA: By 2025, the world is expected to be wireless, interconnected, and smart. The coming years will witness a new level of innovation and advanced artificial intelligence that manages enterprises and homes as well. We will soon be able to see a day where we would be waking up by a smart bed heater. Also, it will not be unusual when alert lighting will guide us to the bathroom, where the electric brush would be ready to help us start our day.

Not just this, smart shower thermostat would be automatically set up for the perfect temperature, people will be assisted with the digital assistant that will display the day's weather and gives a shortlist of the news of people's interest. The lights, temperature, and the security features of the house would be automatically set up to the needs of the individual and operate autonomously throughout the day. Everything will be arranged and adjusted to people's unique requirements.

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Walking pets would be stress-free thanks to tracker placed on them, so in case they're lost or hurt, the tracker would be able to send an alert to the owner's smartwatch. Crosswalks will be able to sense when a  person is about to cross the road or street, and in case there is a vehicle approaching, it will send alerts to both the driver and the individual.

The new connected world will also help people with avoiding accidents when engaged in a video conference in public by getting alerts on a smartwatch. AI will help minimize employees' burden by arranging meetings, and making them look formally dressed on the conference screen.

Connected cars are not too far away from being introduced. There will come a day where the people can simply sit in a car and drive off, instead of setting the temperature, seats, batteries, as everything would be automatic. The cars would be autonomous and make a steady approach to the destination the driver prefers. After reaching the destination, the car would park itself in the prearranged parking location, which includes a wireless inductive charger.

Certain measures will be taken for people to stop them from getting hurt in an accident. There will be technological tools to ensure that the accident site is safe and secure for both the drivers and the victims. These tools will have prioritized the tasks automatically, delivering sustenance when needed, and has helped improve both personal and company relationships.

In the future connected world, everything comes tailored to meet the unique needs of users. Communication and collaboration are seamless, secure, and timely.

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