Are App Services the Key to the Value of Data?

Are App Services the Key to the Value of Data?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, July 30, 2020

Data is going to overtake the app in the coming future and claim ascendancy over the digital economy. In such a scenario, how will app services help in unlocking the value of data?

FREMONT, CA: Every day, an ample of data is generated by every system, device, and application powering the digital economy.

Data doesn’t mean anything until and unless it is processed, structured, and enriched by context. A lot more data is required to determine what is being described exactly.

It is necessary to allocate a lot of data from multiple sources to make sense and for strategic use. In this realm of application delivery, those sources are progressively distributed set of application services that stretch the data path from code to client.

The data’s real value can be derived only through the discovery of patterns and relationship across time, whether measured in seconds, minutes or months. In every case, it is vital to extract data points and deliver it to an analytical platform where the data is mined and married to business-oriented data points for producing actionable insights with real business and technical value. As it is not sufficient to know that the pace of the mobile is slow, it is crucial to know why and what are the impacts of the business. The ability to relate with poor mobile app performance to those data points help in providing insights on the way of addressing them. That relationship can be explored through business and operational data points’ analysis.

The tricky part is to extract data points. It is critical to allocate data from as many points as possible in the data path, from every application services that include that path. Discovering the cause of the issue is more difficult without the operational data points’ holistic set. Correlated and consistent data points across the entire data path are required to unlock the visibility needed for speedy discovery and remediation of true business issues.

Today, most of the application services are not able to emit the telemetry required for enabling this capability. However, in the upcoming year, it is anticipated that application services will grow across every operational domain imbued with the capability of emitting the telemetry vital for unlocking the business value of data.

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