AppNeta's Network Monitoring Suite Secures Enhanced Visibility by...

AppNeta's Network Monitoring Suite Secures Enhanced Visibility by Appending ECMP Monitoring

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, May 07, 2019

AppNeta, the pioneer in actionable, end-to-end network performance monitoring, has announced its enhanced monitoring capabilities for Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP) networks which enhances the ability for large, enterprise customers to attain active visibility across all ports and protocols on networks.

ECMP is a routing technique that facilitates traffic sharing the same source and destination to be distributed through multiple network paths of equal weight. Modern architectures are built to provide vital business services through various, independent methods so that if one service delivery component is degraded the other elements of the same function are not affected.

The newest advancements to AppNeta Performance Manager allow customers using ECMP techniques to have visibility into all routes the traffic may be distributed across. As a part of active network monitoring, AppNeta performs network route discovery with TCP, ICMP, and UDP to discover all possible network paths that could be used. It leverages the ways to actively measure performance in the ECMP environment, restoring critical visibility into performance. The challenge with this approach is the side effect of its resilience, that is multiple, independent services means that one user's experience may be degraded.

AppNeta's four-dimensional approach to enterprise-class monitoring can actively monitor across all possible routes when enterprises deploy ECMP, and it rescues enterprises compromising of performance over visibility.

AppNeta is the leading network performance monitoring solution that provides in-depth, actionable network performance data from the end-user perspective. With its SaaS-based solution enterprises can quickly pinpoint challenges that affect network and business regardless of where they occur. AppNeta is a trusted provider of the most significant Fortune 1000 companies.

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