Anziva Technologies Integrates Microlab Digital GPS Repeater for...

Anziva Technologies Integrates Microlab Digital GPS Repeater for the New Distrito T-Mobile

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The Digital GPS Repeater plug and play configuration enables quick and easy installation for Anziva Technologies to realize the communication network.

FREMONT, CA: Wireless Telecom Group announces that the Microlab Digital GPS Repeater was chosen and integrated by Anziva Technologies for the Distrito T-Mobile entertainment venue in Puerto Rico to allow precision network synchronization for cellular communication network. The Microlab Digital GPS Repeater, with Digital SkyTiming Technology, offers future-proof network synchronization for both 4G implementations and the tighter timing demands of 5G. Anziva Technologies selected the Microlab solution due to the simple deployment process, which enabled them to achieve their fast deployment requirements and objectives.

Anziva completed a DAS deployment at District Live in San Juan. Due to the project's complexity, it was impossible to deploy a typical coaxial GPS anywhere close to the head-end. The Microlab Digital GPS Repeater was the right solution considering that the Anziva facility includes multiple exterior locations connected to the head-end through fiber optic backbone.

The Digital GPS Repeater is a high-performance network synchronization solution that offers the precise phase delay measurements needed to address the unique scheduling demands of Anziva Technologies. Microlab's expertise in providing specialized solutions has allowed Anziva to address the specific frequency and phase synchronization issues facing present and emerging cellular communications networks in play with this implementation.

The Microlab Digital GPS Repeater transfers digitized GPS signal over fiber, enabling the receiver to be up to 10km away from the antenna. The repeater abilities represent a complete, future-ready synchronization solution to address current and emerging 5G communications demands. Network devices in remote sites benefit with better throughputs from synchronization to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) due to GPS signal availability and traceability with the digital repeater. To further fulfill prospective installation requirements, 16 GPS RF outputs are accessible at the system's head-end. The continuous monitoring abilities of the GPS solution from Microlab offers continuous monitoring capabilities. These monitoring capabilities offer insight into the satellite links' fidelity and the corresponding received signals.

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