An Overview on Open Source IP Routing

An Overview on Open Source IP Routing

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, May 23, 2019

IP RoutingFREMONT, CA: Managing the network equipment is a real problem for cloud service providers and search engines as they started with the structuring process their business. Network disaggregation involves breaking up of the vertical networking landscape into individual pieces, where each piece can be, used in the best way possible. The hardware can be, separated from the software, along with open and closed IP routing suites that enable the network operators to utilize the best model of the device, software, and applications.

Network disaggregation enhances the network operators with the potential to lay hands on the features on demand, which is impossible in case of non-disaggregated hardware. With the concept of disaggregation, people are driven to do the best of their expertise.

Within the rise of the modern data center, there is another element that is fueling network disaggregation, that is the notion of open source. Open source is denoting software for which the source code is freely available, which may be, redistributed and modified. Open source enables people to come together and carry out work of unique quality in contrast to a single vendor doing everything. The advent of open source allows like-minded people rather than the vendor controlling the features that eliminate the element of vendor lock-in, thereby enabling practical work. Open source also allows more than one company to be involved.

Operators are looking for a level of control in managing their network, which the network vendors couldn't provide. Open-source IP routing protocol suites are steadily gaining acceptance and are used in data centers of various sizes because they allow a community of developers and users to work on creating solutions to common problems. Open-source IP routing protocol suites arms them to develop the specific features they need and also helps the network operators to create simple designs that make sense to them, as opposed to having everything controlled by the vendor. They also enable routing suites to run on compute nodes.

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