An Overview of the Tasks Involved in Network Management

An Overview of the Tasks Involved in Network Management

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, December 09, 2021

Network management encompasses the techniques, methods, and tools required to operate, administer, and maintain networks effectively. It is primarily concerned with ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and overall performance of data transmission channels as a practice area.

FREMONT, CA: There are numerous hardware and software products advertised as network management tools intended to assist network system administrators in managing the enterprise network successfully. While there is no industry-wide consensus on what constitutes network management, the functions encompass the following: network provisioning, network operation, network maintenance, and network administration. The overriding function guarantees that network resources are made available to users effectively and consumed efficiently.

The network management protocol, or NMP, is a network protocol that defines the operations and policies required for network management.

An NMP's purpose is to address the objectives necessary for a network to operate correctly. Network administrators and network managers use NMP to monitor and troubleshoot the connection between hosts and client devices.

Today's network must efficiently support high-value solutions that transport data, video, and voice to and from users, maintaining superior network service levels and infrastructure visibility. As a result of digitalization's numerous effects, the enterprise network has grown increasingly complicated, perplexing, and tough to administer for IT. BYOD users and internet-connected gadgets must be quickly onboarded.

While the business's new, creative digital technology must be adopted to maintain a competitive edge, cyberattacks must be blocked at every point of entry. These initiatives must be done precisely and in unison with a focus on providing a high-quality, consistent user experience. This requires the use of the appropriate network management system.

 The function of network management are as follows:

Administration of networks: Network administration is concerned with managing network resources, such as switches, routers, and servers. Additionally, performance monitoring and software updates are included.

Operation of the network: Network operation is concerned with ensuring that the network operates appropriately. The network operation tasks include monitoring network activity and proactively finding and resolving faults.

Maintenance of networks: The term "network maintenance" refers to the process of upgrading and repairing network resources. Additionally, it includes preventative and corrective operations carried out in collaboration with network administrators, such as replacing network equipment such as routers and switches.

Provisioning of networks: Network provisioning is the process of configuring network resources to enable a particular service, such as voice functions, or accommodate extra users.

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