AllSeen Alliance Develops New Framework to Ensure Cross-vendor...

AllSeen Alliance Develops New Framework to Ensure Cross-vendor Interoperability

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

SAN FRANSCISCO, CA:  The AllSeen Alliance, a consortium dedicated to advance Internet of Everything through the AllJoyn open source software project, announces the Home Appliances and Entertainment (HAE) Service Framework to control and monitor connected devices available at home.

HAE Service Framework has received contributions from organizations such as Electrolux, Haier, Honeywell, LG Electronics, Lowe’s, Panasonic, Sony and Sharp. The contributing members have identified a minimum set of operations across devices to enable control and monitoring capabilities irrespective of the vendor.

HAE Service Framework will allow devices such as air conditioners, air quality monitors, ovens, robot vacuums and TVs to be controlled by a set of interface allowing users to achieve consistent experience across manufacturers. The HAE Service Framework builds on top of AllJoyn enabling appliances and entertainment devices to work together and with other AllJoyn-enabled products.

“We need a common, open technology like AllJoyn in order to provide a truly connected experience for consumers,” says VP Taeg-il Cho, Head of Creative Innovation Center, LG Electronics. “For devices like LG webOS TV to interact seamlessly with an Electrolux oven or Panasonic washer, we must all build upon a common framework. The HAE Service Framework enables us to collaborate with other companies in the smart home space and work together to overcome existing interoperability issues.”

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