AI Application in Network Monitoring Tool

AI Application in Network Monitoring Tool

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, February 22, 2019

Industry insiders say that businesses combat data breaches on each one of 191 days of the calendar year. Network monitoring systems or software with AI is in standard use for such anomaly detection. Advanced tools of Network monitoring set up a secured parameter for identifying any data breach.

Anomaly detection scans the behavior of networks working in the transfer of data and distinguishes legitimate activity or cyber attacks on any network. Anomaly detection has a variety of domains such as intrusion, fraud detection, system health monitoring, fault detection, detecting ecosystem disturbances or any unknown activity in sensor networks to perform the scanning of websites or company data.

Machine learning analyzes the collected data or information with AI-based networks. Network tomography (Network Monitoring Management Solution) works for an entire enterprise monitoring the health of various links in a system using end-to-end probes. These probes are located at vantage points in the network which is known as Network Tomography.

AI-based network monitoring tool with a low rate of false positives are suitable for the use of monitoring the system. Software vendors have a different approach to AI platforms or AI-based networking monitoring services. The AI-based network monitoring tool will depend on the technical prowess of the manufacturer and the strategies they use to monitor data sets and pieces of information.

AI-enabled network monitoring tools like video stream monitoring, mail server monitoring, (POP3 server) Voice over Protocol monitoring (VoIP) and so on use applications to monitor the network traffic. Web server monitoring processes the service checks on many parameters. Web server monitoring analyzes HTTP codes to determine the current status of the monitored web. Web server monitoring also has the capabilities of alerting and reporting any third-party breach.

If a system shows a network failure or similar outage, the AI-based network monitoring systems alert the NA (Network Administrator). Informing of an alert or breach by AI-enabled networks work through the analysis of machine learning process. Network monitoring tools which utilize AI are practical and useful for data safety and systems.

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