Adoption of SDN-driven Networking Model in Federal Agencies Still a...

Adoption of SDN-driven Networking Model in Federal Agencies Still a Challenge: Report

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, July 09, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Brocade, a networking solutions provider, has unveiled the report of a Federal IT Survey. This report was based on an online survey conducted by Market Connections with 200 federal governments IT decision makers and influencers recently to show that federal agencies are making progress in achieving network modernization through implementation of SDN and virtualized services to deliver world-class digital services for the government.

The key findings of this survey include: 90 percent of respondents believe open standards are important, although almost half are considering or planning to adopt them in the next few years, only 11 percent have made the transition. 70 percent of respondents are considering, planning or already have software-defined networking (SDN), citing performance and ease of management as major advantages. 88 percent of respondents have deployed network functions virtualization technology, including firewalls, load balances and routers.

The research revealed budget constraints, limited internal resources and lack of expertise as the top challenges to make network improvements. Software-enabled, user-centric and based on open standards, the New IP evolves the network infrastructure to tap into the unlimited possibilities of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data advancements. The federal IT survey revealed that less than 15 percent of respondents feel their agency’s network infrastructure can fully support simple, scalable and agile solutions necessary to deliver digital services for government.

 Survey respondents cite greater flexibility and reduced costs as their main reasons for adopting open standards. Transitioning to the New IP will allow agencies to regain control over their networks, turning them into enablers that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of federal employees, citizens and warfighters.

"The legacy networks used in government today were conceived two decades ago and were never designed, or even envisioned, to handle the types of digital services that are required today. Transitioning to New IP networks will allow agencies to turn their infrastructure into true digital government enablers that can deliver world-class services to federal employees, citizens and military," said Anthony Robbins, vice president, Federal Brocade.

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