ADLINK Provides IoT Gateway Starter Kit, Accelerates Application...

ADLINK Provides IoT Gateway Starter Kit, Accelerates Application Development and Deployment

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ADLINK Technology, a provider of cloud based services releases new intelligent IoT Gateway Starter Kit. The kit includes ADLINK’S MXE-202i,  EdgePro IoT device and sensor management utility and corresponding siren output, ModBus TCP module and accessories; all utilizing industrial open standard protocols with security functions powered by Intel IoT Gateway.

The Technology leverages a complete IoT connection solution for accelerated IoT application development. The application can be deployed across wide variety of environments, such as industrial automation, smart buildings, smart parking systems, and agriculture.

The software based on Intel processor, enables interaction across devices or sensors by an Event Execution Engine, and the user-friendly web-based dashboard allows remote monitoring of status and actuator control with restful web-service APIs. In addition, EdgePro enables simple configuration of reliable and secure connectivity with Amazon and Windows Azure Cloud.

The Matrix MXE-202i tool is embedded with industrial grade standards that are operable even under harsh conditions with operating shock tolerance up to 100 G and an optional extended -20 C to 70 C operating temperature ranges.    It also includes ADLINK’s proprietary SEMA (Smart Embedded Management Agent) application for quick setup of remote device management and analysis through its cloud technology, enabling monitoring and collection of system health and status information from the hardware in a timely, flexible, and precise manner.

The intelligent IoT Gateway Starter Kit packing list includes MXE-202i with dual-core Intel Atom SoC processor IoT Gateway with 8 GB SD card. With pre-installed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth kit it is also loaded with rotary control, LED array and Ethernet cable. Furthermore it also contains ZigBee wireless siren and light sensor for high level communication in personal area of networks.

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