ADARA releases its New Beta Offering of Cloud SD-WAN Platform

ADARA releases its New Beta Offering of Cloud SD-WAN Platform

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: SDN and Cloud Networking company, ADARA, Inc. announced a new beta offering of its Cloud SD-WAN (software defined wide-area network) for Personal Clouds and IoT. 

The specialized version targeting  Android and iOS platforms  is dubbed "ADARA SD WAN for Mobility." The new product is expected to become available to the Android and iOS users, through third-party Android app stores, and the Apple iTunes App store.

It is a unique version, the first Intent-Based Real-Time Performance SD WAN platform that improves network performance 10 to 1,000 times over common SDN, SD WAN, and legacy networking. It is also available through AWS to the 200,000 buyers using AWS Marketplace every day.

The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility improvement in performance is independent of and in addition to, performance increases from new Cellular Radio and wireless architectures such as Fifth generation wireless (5G). Another main benefit of the flagship  SD-WAN platform is reduced latency. The company also claims that no other SD WAN, SDN or Legacy Networking product solves the universal problem of latency as does ADARA.

The new offering enables performance for users from wherever in the world they are, which is essential for remote and mobile employees. Game and App distribution, gaming and multimedia distribution are expected to be significant beneficiaries of the platform as well as Mobile access to Clouds, as well as multiple IoT use including connected thermostats, cars, electronic appliances, sensor security and power systems in household and commercial environments.

The upsurge in the number of connected devices and extensive use of server virtualization technologies is driving the SDN market. The need to develop heterogeneous networking environments will keep these IT-enabled services market growth.

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