A10 Networks Joined Hands with SK Telecom for 5G Commercial Service...

A10 Networks Joined Hands with SK Telecom for 5G Commercial Service Network

Lee Chen, Founder & CEO | Friday, March 27, 2020

Lee Chen, Founder & CEO

More advanced features of A10 Networks will provide guarantee and stability to the new project of the 5G service network.

FREMONT, CA: Application networking solutions of A10 Networks provides reliable security solutions that helps organizations ensure their data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure. A10 Networks reveals that SK Telecom deployed A10 Networks Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW) for the World's First 5G Commercial Service Network. On April 3, 2019, SK Telecom, one of the mobile network providers in Korea, launched the world’s first commercial service.

A10 Networks’ One-DDoS Protection provides full-spectrum DDoS protection by placing detection capabilities across key network elements including A10’s Thunder ADC, CGN, and CFW. A10 Networks Thunder 14045 CFW (Convergent Firewall) is a PNF (Physical Network Function) platform, which provides higher performance and advanced features.

Lee Chen, the founder, and CEO of A10 Networks asserts “The Harmony Controller is a game-changer and one-of-its-kind offering that presents advanced security, visibility, per app-analytics and troubleshooting capabilities for complex multi-cloud environments. We collect intelligence from various sources and add it to the Harmony Controller to ultimately provide a complete view of the network security statistics.” A10 Networks was featured in Enterprise Networking Magazine as one of the Top 10 Extreme Networks Solution Providers 2019.

Following are the requirements of SK Telecom’s 5G services, which are supported by A10 Network solutions. It requires up to one million subscribers per square kilometer, a minimum of one million subscribers within 1km 2, dynamic deep packet buffer, low latency, and high-scale simultaneous connections per second.

The higher performance and more advanced features of the A10 Networks Thunder CFW PNF is a key part of the solution to guarantee the quality of services. Over the past years, A10 Networks has shown the best performance in handling not only NAT44 but also NAT64 traffic with no service interruptions.

Thunder CFW devices that are delivered and installed in SK Telecom’s 5G commercial network are managed by the A10 Harmony Controller analytics and management solution. SK Telecom also delivers remote troubleshooting, lifecycle management, expansions, and relocation according to increased 5G traffic going forward.

In the coming years, 5G will become extremely popular due to the high demand for IoT devices, connected cars, smartphones, smart factories, smart cities, telemedicine, augmented and virtual reality devices.

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