A Better Security Experience with CoIP

A Better Security Experience with CoIP

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, February 07, 2019

Digital transformation invites different threats to security. This question of security cannot be undermined. Digital transformation provides the enterprises with a better chance to grow and spread their business. The digital platform relies on the user-centric model. The previous security models are unable to address these changing phenomena of users’ behavior.

Zentera offers up-to-date security service to digitally transformed enterprises. Zentera’s CoIP Enclave plays a vital role in the field of security. It forms a zero trust network to cater more agility and security to the enterprises. The CoIP enables software-defined and per-application policies. CoIP can be used without the help of any particular networking setup or configuration. Zentera enclave easily finds out any unapproved activity and provides an immediate alert. Enclaves are different from existing security tools. VLANs, VPCs and security groups work to the specific network or cloud, but Enclaves works across all infrastructures. Unlike Firewalls, CoIP enclave restricts the network access without depending on CPU-intensive DPI. This enclave ensures one unified network for hybrid applications.

Cybriant is a leading provider of cybersecurity. It enables the enterprises to launch a proper defense against the cyber threat. They design solution and provide suitable monitoring facility to help the enterprises to confront with security issues. Risk Assessments and vCISO, 24/7 Managed SIEM with LIVE Monitoring, and 24/7 Managed EDR are among the crucial services that Cybriant provides. Cybriant acquired a place in the 100 managed security services providers (MSSPs) list.

Cybriant is going to use Zentera's CoIP platform to provide the customers with enhanced security service. Being leading MSSP and a trusted security partner to many a company, it enables them to maintain credentialed VPN access. It is essential to maintain the VPNs properly because malware and threats can easily have access through VPNs. CoIP platform changes VPNs into zero trust connections and provides Application Interlock. By using the CoIP platform, Cybriant can ensure the flow of the authorized traffic. The CoIP platform enables enterprises to maintain a secure connection with the customers, and because of its use of advanced overlay networking technology, it can be used without touching customer routers and firewalls.

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