5G : The Essential for Cybersecurity

5G : The Essential for Cybersecurity

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

5G is hyped for its speed of connecting. 5G can network delivery performance through large data rates offered by the cellular networks allowing energy savings, higher capacity system, reduced latency and massive device connectivity for the efficient growth of IoTs (Internet of Things).

5G network-based services revenue is estimated to reach $26 billion by 2022, according to the inside industrial sources. 5G-enabled solutions can underpin the security protocol verification, analysis of cryptographic protocols, and automatic identification of the minimum-security assumptions to achieve objects set by 3GPP (3RD Generation Partnership Project). 3GPD is a collaboration between groups of telecommunications standards associations. The 5G Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) security protocol takes the specified data security and aims it to examine in a systematic order. Adoption of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented reality) based solutions can be boosted with 5G network services with a vast amount of data consumption to run and operate securely.

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5G network services are gaining more attention with New Cloud and Virtualization technologies such as SDN (Software-defined Networking) and (Network Functions Virtualization) for their open and flexible programmable nature. Shipping containers, industrial automation control devices, tiny climate monitoring sensors, next-generation smartphones, and so on are the new type of devices with a wide range of security requirement tools. Connected industries (Manufacturing and processing, smart grids, e-health, and intelligent transport) are utilizing 5G with practical usage, delivery services, and data security.

5G can connect every IoT networks and devices to each part of city administration. With the 5G mobile network, businesses can also quickly thwart the attack of advanced malware(s) with behavior-based checks on endpoints using sandboxing which can remove all instances of the malware(s) on the network. These technologies when embedded into network switches and routers are more effective because they turn the devices into 5G security sensors.

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