5G Network: the latest innovation for mobile app development

5G Network: the latest innovation for mobile app development

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mobile app development is constantly developing innovative and progressive apps in terms of design and functionalities. Consumers’ demand for being continuous connected and provided with seamless access to data regardless of location makes companies moving forward to create new technologies. The next generation of internet connectivity, the 5G network is one of them, which offers reliable connection and unprecedented speed on mobile devices. This upgraded technology affects mobile apps and various industries in ways that transformation will take place extensively. 5G supports a total ecosystem created out of completely connected devices. Following are some of the key factors that describe the advancements of 5G over 4G: 

High speed: 5G comes with the higher speed factor for mobile apps marketers who are relying on in-app download based monetization plans. Also, it provides high download speed that makes downloading apps easier in a few seconds. Entertainment apps across the world will be leveraged effectively because of the high speed of the network. It will remove the lags as slow streaming.

Excellent user experience: One of the biggest advantages of this network is clarity. Streaming over LTE network is better than 2G network in any day. 5G is going to advance it more. The effect of mobile application UI gets elevated to a large extent when streamed on 5G networks. 

Faster file transferring: Faster network speed makes file or money transferring quick and easy. 5G will bring new features for transferring files through mobile apps providing higher browsing and downloading speed.

Zero latency: With the upgraded technology, users’ request becomes more prompt than real-time. The technology allows apps to respond to the inputs faster and improve the speed of the mobile network. 5G has 50times greater latency than 4G.

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Increase capacity: The new tech is capable of dealing a lot more at once. 5G-driven mobile apps require power and space, Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality that allow app developers to work with more features and functions to implement into apps. This will improve the user experience and revenue.

5G is on the way of bringing many benefits to mobile apps, which will offer developers more opportunities to enhance the apps and grow customer satisfaction.

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