5G is Here to Change the Way Mobile Ads. are Delivered

5G is Here to Change the Way Mobile Ads. are Delivered

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mobile advertising is no longer a concept and it is rather an envelope that covers billion dollars in ad expenditure. While 5G network might still be some years away, most of the companies are searching for the possibilities to leverage the power of this network. 5G network is going to be the key factor in changing the mobile advertisement are served.

While a lot of excitement around 5G is focused on the higher bandwidth it will deliver, allowing experiences like high-definition virtual reality and streaming 4K video, another important attribute is how it will reduce network latency or take time to process and transmit signals. It is expected that 5G will see this decrease by 10 to less than ten milliseconds and can deliver the benefit of near-instant communication.

A new way of messaging

Critically for message media, 5G will also match the availability of a new messaging technology known as RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging that incorporates functionality into the message itself, rather than requiring the recipient to link to a web page or app to perform a certain function.

Multiple connectivity

5G is not a standalone new technology, and its disruptive nature stems from its ability to aggregate the power of new and existing heterogeneous to create flexibility. Networks are building 5G with an open-access approach and which can pave the path for an entirely new range of services, solutions, and apps with multiple connectivity schemes at its core.

5G's impact on the telecommunications ecosystem is set to be dramatic and will resonate on a global scale. The career landscape will change beyond recognition both on the network and on the device side by incorporating mobile networks with higher data rates, lower latency, and better energy consumption. This combination of capabilities will unleash the potential for a vast array of business with better customer experience cases across all vertical markets.

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