5G Characteristics that Benefit Businesses and Potential Use Cases

5G Characteristics that Benefit Businesses and Potential Use Cases

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, May 20, 2022

The speed and amount of information supported by 5G networks can provide workers with richer experiences.

FREMONT, CA: While most consumers begin to enjoy the faster speeds of 5G networks in countries where commercial 5G has been deployed, businesses benefit the most from this new technology.

5G has Six Key Characteristics that Benefit Businesses:

• First, it has extremely low latency for starters, so sending and receiving data takes less than ten milliseconds.

• Second, its bandwidth is extremely high, averaging 100MB/s with theoretical peak transmission rates of 20GB/s.

• Third, it can serve up to 1 million devices per square kilometer.

• Fourth, it is a dependable network, with an uptime of 99.999 percent.

• Fifth, it is ideal for mobility because 5G radio nodes can communicate with devices moving at 500 km/h (310 mph).

• Sixth, 5G devices are optimized for low power consumption, with some devices having a battery life of up to a decade.

Finally, 5G is a critical enabler for smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices, finding their way into various business applications.

These smart devices range from smartphones used by workers to track the motion of supply chain assets on the production line to temperature sensors and even wearables that help ensure people on the manufacturing shop floor work within safe spatial parameters.

As a result, these developments indicate the potential for many companies to adopt new work models. For example, it will enable a command center controller in Singapore to monitor and control a production line in Hanoi.

For example, trainees can use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to visualize complex production lines and familiarize themselves with critical assets before interacting with the necessary support.

Businesses must transform quickly to capitalize on new digital growth opportunities made possible by 5G. They require the right talent to:

• Integrate this new network with existing or new business systems.

• Collect and interpret large amounts of business data

• Protect the vast amount of valuable information that will alter how and where business is conducted.

Potential 5G Use Cases

Soon, 5G networks will help businesses and society achieve more sustainable outcomes. 5G networks, for example, can help agriculture become more intelligent and efficient. For instance, cows fitted with smart devices can generate data that assists veterinarians and nutritionists in determining the herd's health.

Cellular-vehicle-to-everything technology is another emerging use case for 5G. (C-V2X). C-V2X enables drivers to easily see around corners and avoid pedestrian collisions, which is especially important when a few feet can mean the difference between life and death.

5G could even improve the efficiency of siloed systems like security, HVAC, access control, and lighting in networked buildings.

5G networks make siloed systems smarter and enable people to collect and make sense of massive amounts of operational data to make better decisions, particularly in healthcare.

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