5 Trending Micro Data Center Startups to Look Out for

5 Trending Micro Data Center Startups to Look Out for

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Focusing on the micro data center to fill the space that is created by emerging demands for enterprises to manage and process the internet of data close to the network edge.

FREMONT, CA: Technology trends like the internet of things, smart vehicles, drone deliveries, smart cities, and industry 4.0 are increasing the demand for fast, always-on edge-computing. One of the solutions that emerged to bring the network closer to the applications generating and end-users consuming data is called as a micro data center. This is filled with more noise than the signal. The enterprise will find everything from suitcase-sized computing stacks that replace server closets to a modular enclosure offered by semi-trucks to bigger units in a micro data center. This resides at the foot of the cell towers to dedicate edge data centers with the standardized designs that can pop up wherever there is demand or where real estate access rights are available, comprising easements, rooftops, and industrial sites.

A various number of startups have started in adjacent spaces, like the IaaS or colocation services. They have only added micro data centers recently to their portfolios. With the advent of 5G, the requested demand for edge data centers can be ready to be explored. Several startups intend to drop the micro data centers at the base of every 5G tower they can enter.

Vapor IO

VaporIO is a company that delivers a kinetic edge infrastructure platform to the enterprises. The company uses software-defined networking and high-speed connectivity to merge micro data center facilities into a single logical data center.  The company was founded in the year 2015 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. VaporIO has raised capital through three funding rounds. For the developers and the operators, these facilities present a geographically dispersed collection of micro data centers as a unique virtual facility with several availability zones.


Founded in 2019, MetroEdge is a company that provides cloud, colocation, data center, and micro data center solutions in the enterprises. The company's micro data center product is a modular unit, which can comprise 8 to 25 cabinets in a 300-1000 sq-foot steel-mesh enclosure. These units can be used in office buildings, college campuses, and also at industrial sites.

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Providing data center and connectivity solutions for the edge, the company has deployed more than 40 edge data centers in North America, South America, and Europe. These data centers are built on purpose for service providers to offer better content, cloud services, and also offer Saas in locations that are already served by the traditional data center giants. The company also offers MicroEdge data centers enabling the organization to roll out emerging technologies like the IoT, smart city, and autonomous vehicle services in close proximity to end-users.

Compass Datacenters

Founded in the year 2011, Compass Datacenters is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company entered the edge data center market in the previous year through the company's attainment of two startups, namely EdgePoint Systems, that developed edge data centers, and BitBox USA, that provides monitoring and controlling software for edge facilities. The Compass EdgePoint data has a 12-rack capacity and is kept in a hardened shell. They are preserved in a constrained environment like basements and rooftops and can be monitored and controlled through BitBox software.


Founded in the year 2018, Axellio is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The company's micro data center platform leverages high-performance components like GPUs and  NVMe storage devices. The platform comprises of dual Intel dual-CPU server modules and also dual-ported NVMe SSDs incorporated with the NVMe on PCle fabric.

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