5 Technologies That are Revolutionizing Workplace

5 Technologies That are Revolutionizing Workplace

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Technology is thriving in every field and is revolutionizing the way things are planned and executed in the world today. 

FREMONT, CA: In this digital era, successful enterprises depend on the technologies for every aspect of their business. An enterprise needs to keep their workplace upgraded to boost the employees' morale and improve the productivity of the company. Following are the lists of some of the technologies in the workplace that an enterprise must adopt.

1. Standing Desk: Standing desks are an indispensable technological tool that promotes better health and wellness at the workstation. These desks provide great ergonomics to workers as they can be accessorized with various add-ons as well as adjusted to offer great comfort. These desks save employees from high sedentary life and enable them to work smarter and better.

2. Electronic White Boards: Electronic whiteboards are an amazing technological tool as they can store and print every piece of information written on them. It saves the company’s time, while also boosting brainstorming and increasing productivity. An electronic whiteboard can either be a touchscreen that is linked to a computer or can be independent. It enables the employees to have a good writing experience.

3. Cloud-Based Platforms: These platforms are utilized specifically for data protection and to provide authorized personnel with access to the data. This technology has enabled the employees to work collaboratively and conveniently from anywhere. Diverse tech companies are using these cloud technology platforms to offer an online working environment for both inside and outside working personnel from any part of the world. Every office must have this technological innovation.

4. Office Automation Control System: Lighting control, heat control, and air-conditioning are some of the common benefits of home automation systems. However, if these technologies are integrated into the office, the productivity and effectiveness at the workplace can go to the next level. With the office automation system, one can have complete control of the office atmosphere and environment at fingertips or even on the smartphone. This helps in conserving energy as well as save time while promoting a pleasant working atmosphere for employees.

5. Communication Tools: The biggest challenge that enterprises face is to transmit ideas to several people at the same time due to distance. This is where communication tools like Skype or Zoom with quality microphones and video conferencing characteristics come into the picture. These tools enable telecommunication between employees and coworkers. 

These technologies undoubtedly have helped the companies in a great way to save time, energy, and space, and create a harmonious environment for employees.

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