5 Reasons for Businesses to Hire Ethical Hackers

5 Reasons for Businesses to Hire Ethical Hackers

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, September 23, 2019

Cybersecurity has become the topmost concern for all organizations. A cyber attack can destroy the company’s reputation, interfere with its profitability and expansion. This is where ethical hackers come into the picture.

FREMONT, CA: Today’s world relies on the digital marketplace. Due to this increased dependency, the businesses are concerned about the security of sensitive data and network security. Businesses have started hiring ethical hackers to protect themselves from these malicious attacks. An ethical hacker is hired by companies to penetrate networks or computer systems of the organization by using the same methods as a malicious fraudster.

Ethical hacking is the act of identifying the weaknesses, problems, and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems of the organization by duplicating the content as well as actions of malicious hackers. It is also called penetration testing, red teaming, and intrusion testing. Ethical hackers are supposed to think, understand, and look at the user network as potential malicious fraudsters and then create the appropriate safeguards to shield the users from dangerous attacks.

There are ample reasons why an organization should hire an ethical hacker. Some of the important ones are the following:

1. Limits the liability: The ethical hackers will not only strengthen the data of the organization but will also limit the enterprise’s liability on the event of a cyber attack. Though, as per the rules and regulations mentioned under HIPAA, GDPR, etc., a company is liable for the events like hack, breach, or data leakage. The company can show its commitment to network security by employing a qualified, ethical hacker for performing the task. This will also enable the businesses to face less pushback from their customers and protect their data in case of a critical cyber attack.

2. Enhancing the credibility of the company: It has been observed in the past that one security breach can harm the credibility of the organization in the market. For example, the breaching of Facebook’s data in 2015 caused a drop in the share price of the company. Furthermore, there was a decline in the company’s market value as well after the Cambridge Analytical scandal. An onboard ethical hacker will make the organization less vulnerable to such kind of data breaches.

3. Easy Cloud Transition: The cloud transition provides numerous opportunities for malicious hackers to misuse the new and vulnerable entry points. An ethical hacker can pull the company out of such situations by keeping the network safe, secure, and shielded from the malicious attacks during the process of the cloud transition.

4. Offensive Approach: An ethical hacker secures the system by duplicating the intent and action of dangerous hackers. An ethical hacker detects the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the existing entities and fixes them.

The basic introduction of ethical hacking tells how ethical hackers use offensive actions to build defensive strategies against malicious attacks to protect the company’s data.

5. Tackle sophisticated attacks: The cyber attacks have become more sophisticated in nature with the growth of the dark web and malicious hackers. The detection of malicious activities become close to impossible in the absence of a smart intrusion detection system. An ethical hacker aids the organization by defining detection rules, which can eliminate the cyber attacks to a great extent. Sometimes the cyber attacks go unnoticed for several years. In such critical scenarios, it is mandatory to have someone who can think exactly like these malicious attackers and design the appropriate strategies; thus shielding and securing the sensitive data and resources of the company.

Cyber attacks can ruin the company’s credibility in the market. Hiring an ethical hacker is a crucial way to prevent cybercrimes from severely damaging the business and its operations.

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