5 Industrial Marketing Tips for CIOs to Follow

5 Industrial Marketing Tips for CIOs to Follow

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New trends to optimize the marketing strategy for the maximum results with by leveraging digitalization.

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation is a term that is extensively used by the business world. Trying to capture too many moving parts, it transforms into visual white noise. It is hard to define the term as it expands and cannot be brought under a single umbrella. As the digital technologies dramatically reshape industry after industry, many organizations are pursuing large-scale change efforts to capture the benefits of these trends or simply to keep up with the competitors. Here are 5 Industrial Marketing Trends to adopt for 2020.

1. Email Marketing continues to evolve

Emails have been an essential part of the business sector since its inception. Email gives you an opportunity to connect with the targeted customers virtually anytime, anywhere, and is highly measurable. This is one of the few reasons why email marketing remains a popular choice for industrial marketers. In the coming years, organizations and its customers expect to see more change that is vibrant by delivering a more personalized email experience to their audience. From connecting to recipients by name to offering email content based on their preferences and behavior, it is anticipated that more marketers will enhance their email marketing investments by creating more complex campaigns.

2. Quality content will be more critical than ever

As more content that helps B2B buyers build internal business cases and justify purchasing decisions is made available online, the demand for relevant content continues to grow. It is a growing cycle that shows no sign of leveling out. This makes it positive that industrial marketers continue to invest in producing quality content. 

In the year 2020, many marketers will be integrating content into the market mix, organizations turn their focus to ensure their efforts are producing the desired result. 2020 will also see industrial marketers starting to create content marketing strategies which are based on achieving specific, measurable objectives, and produce content designed for specific stages of the purchasing process. 

3. Marketers will need to take greater advantage of technology

As the online and email marketing in the industrial space becomes more complex, it is important to continually look for new ways to produce greater results from the marketing efforts. It is estimated that in the coming years more B2B marketers investing in platforms that help segment audiences more precisely and guide prospects through the buying cycle, ensuring that the users deliver the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

4.  It’s time to combine the tried-and-true with the new

Although a significant shift to online channels by marketers was observed in recent years, many traditional channels remain a part of the marketing mix. For instance, two-third of respondents from the IEEE GlobalSpec Industrial Marketing Trends survey indicated that they would continue to invest in tradeshows as a part of their marketing plan, although their overall spend remains unchanged. It makes sense; the tradeshows offer visibility in a market, an opportunity to meet the prospective buyers, and a chance to keep a tab on the competitors. In the coming year, the traditional marketing tactics like tradeshows which are woven more tightly with online tactics to generate a positive ROI. It is said that more marketers that are industrial will depend on the digital channels before, during, and after the show to get momentum, increase engagement, and build the relationships.   

5. Measuring ROI remains a top priority and a significant challenge

As we move towards the year-end, the pressure will grow for industrial marketers to show the return on their marketing spends. Marketing budget remains to be static, and the c-suite wants to observe the measurable performances for their investments. The year ahead looks forward to seeing more industrial marketers who are focused on improving their ROIU measurement efforts by going beyond lead generation counts and examine their capacity to track all prospect engagement through the sales cycle.

Digital Transformation has been the agenda of the industrial marketers for years, and 2018-2020 is considered the most crucial moment for the organizations. It is playing a major role in changing the shape of enterprises by being a catalyst for innovation and growth.

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