3 ways 5G and IoT are Revolutionizing Industries

3 ways 5G and IoT are Revolutionizing Industries

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 10, 2020

5G is all set to revamp the conventions of industrial operations in conjunction with IoT.   

FREMONT, CA: The day 5G networks will be introduced is not that far from today. So it seems inevitable that the Internet of Things ( IoT) capabilities will evolve to fit as per the new features that 5G brings. Even 5G is specially tailored for various IoT use cases that demand millisecond latencies, gigabit data rates, high network reliability, and many more. Here are some of the most promising 5G use cases in IoT settings that possess excellent market potential.

Transformations in the Automotive Sector

Automotive can be expected to be the number one vertical for the incorporation of 5G technologies in IoT applications. The launch of 5G technology enables the automotive industry the chance to collect more data in real-time about the performance of the vehicle and the health of the driver with an intent to deliver more sophisticated services. In the future, the automotive industry expects several vehicle telematics implementations that will support 5G connectivity.Top Managed Network Services Companies

Automation in the Utility Sector

In the utility and energy and sector, 5G’s enhanced capabilities will make technology an ideal fit for the automation and real-time management of the smart grid. 5G aims at streamlining smart grid operations and maintenance by detecting and responding to faults present along the grid and addressing the increasingly stringent demand on the grid. 5G is expected to be deployed primarily due to its reduced cost compared to wired alternatives and higher implementation flexibility.

Empowering the Industrial Sector

In the industrial sector, 5G is highly relevant for connecting industrial robots with varying degrees of mobility, ranging from static collaborative robots to fully mobile robots. Industrial robots include many IoT sensors for situational awareness, and 5G technology will increase the intelligence factor in these robots allowing them to autonomously perform various tasks, such as transportation of goods and carrying out maintenance.

The 5G's promise for reliable, ubiquitous, scalable, and cost-effective connectivity for the next generation of applications in both consumer as well as industrial IoT is soon to become a reality.

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