3 Primary Advancements Aiding CIOs in Business Development

3 Primary Advancements Aiding CIOs in Business Development

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Modern telecommunications services enable CIOs to introduce advanced business tools and applications to improve the operational capabilities of an organization. 

FERMONT, CA: Telecommunications companies are preparing to meet the ever-evolving challenges of the digital age. Emerging technology trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Wi-Fi and hotspots, predictive analytics, and Robotic Process Applications are enabling CIOs to implement enhanced business applications. The CIOs with an innovative approach to implementing advanced telecommunications services can find unexplored landscapes and growth opportunities. Tech-savvy CIOs are continually striving to provide staff with the best equipment and software. Probing and investing in the right equipment and application has thus become a key role for the CIOs. Here are the three advancements that are being leveraged by the CIOs for business development.

1. Wireless Networks 

Wi-Fi and hotspot meet the business efficiency model perfectly today. Adopting this fast, wireless network offsets business operating costs. The wireless network also improves customer retention and service differentiation. For instance, Wi-Fi implementation decreases customer churn and raises the core services' market share via market differentiation strategies. The significant business benefit is that the Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be extended. Wi-Fi and hotspot's capabilities enable the CIOs to implement integrated data network technologies that simplify the processes of organizations.

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 2. Integrated Network Solutions

Business professionals are looking for solutions in the customer industry that can allow them to reduce customer churns. Combined with predictive analytics models, telecommunications services can boost the efficiency of various businesses' contact centers or customer service centers. CIOs are working hard to identify and implement the right mix of tools and quantitative methods to find the right solutions for their companies. Integrated network solutions can help business professionals predict issues and take action that is driven by data.

3. Robotic Applications Against Redundant Business Processes

Robotic Process applications integrated with telecommunications services provide high-tech back office management solutions. These advanced applications easily perform repetitive business processes while freeing up the employees from time-consuming activities. Telecommunications services support robotic process applications to streamline business processes, including automated data input billing, workforce management, and order fulfillment features. CIOs understand the need for well-connected robotic process applications across their organizations, as their deployment initiatives can save vast amounts of capital for the businesses which had to be spent on manual labor.

Telecommunications services integrated with various other technologies are used by CIOs to bring revolutionary impacts and advanced capabilities into the business. New telecommunications technologies and applications trigger massive competition in the existing market, making the creation of new strategies and innovative marketing plans important for businesses. Telecommunications holds the potential to transform the old business ways and further attract tech-savvy CIOs to explore new opportunities for their organizations.

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