3 Major Capability Areas of VoIP in Business

3 Major Capability Areas of VoIP in Business

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 27, 2020

Given that a majority of businesses use their VoIP service for more than just making voice calls, finding out which areas are more important is essential than ever.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses are looking into VoIP software to use as a personal, private number. Or maybe businesses are evaluating different VoIP providers because they need a cheaper way for sales reps to contact prospects. Either way, knowing all the different ways firms can use their voice solution will help ensure that they are not underutilizing the software. Here are the most popular VoIP use cases for businesses.

• Internal Communication

Businesses use VoIP for internal communication, which can include voice calling, hosting online meetings, messaging workers, and collaboration features like screen sharing. Many providers currently offer unified communications (UCaaS) platforms that have VoIP technology at their heart but also include features to help companies optimize their online communication needs. Rather than having separate tools for web conferencing, messaging, and making voice calls, firms can purchase one unified solution that does all the above.

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• Sales Communication

Some firms utilize their VoIP software to talk with potential customers. Phone calls have been the bedrock for sales conversations for decades and are still incredibly relevant in sales conversations. VoIP is a more affordable and scalable alternative to conventional landlines phones or even mobile phones that depend on cellular networks. There are also different ways individual reps can connect to a VoIP network, like a desktop app, a mobile phone app, using an IP phone, or by physically plugging in a conventional phone to a VoIP network using an analog telephone adapter.

• Customer Service

One potential for VoIP is that customers are increasingly turning to social media platforms for answers to their questions, rather than instantly picking up the phone when they have an issue.  However, for firms that still want to have a support line available for their customers to reach them, VoIP software is a compelling option. This is because VoIP providers typically provide more features than a traditional phone line service. Users can set up call routing, have access to an auto-attendant, have voicemails transcribed, and sent to their email or faxes online.

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