3 Enterprise Networking to Revolutionize Today and the Future

3 Enterprise Networking to Revolutionize Today and the Future

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, October 12, 2020

The enterprise networking market will witnesses new trends in 2020, similar to last year.

Fremont, CA: The enterprise networking landscape declines and flows each year as new technology enters the market, but 2019 was the year that witnessed trends such as edge computing and SD-WAN start to gain serious momentum. 2020 has been no different. It marks the expected rollout of a nationwide 5G network, and while the technology is still very new, it has shaken up the networking space. Wi-Fi 6 working hand-in-hand with 5G is also having its first full-year on the market to show enterprises the throughput of up to 4 times faster than previous technologies allowed.

Here are five enterprise networking trends that is taking off in 2020. Top 10 SD-WAN Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Edge Computing on the Rise

It is not too much to say that computing breaks free from the data center's shackles or cloud and occurs at the edge more than ever before, especially as more devices are becoming connected and more businesses deploy IoT. Edge computing is gaining momentum in 2020 as enterprises continue to decentralize their networks. The core business applications are unable to afford latency, so processing power must continue to shift to the edge, and partners can help enterprises build this next-generation, agile networks.

SD-WAN To Pick Up Steam 

Next-gen networks already need SD-WAN, and the market is only expected to grow. Few research firms predict that the SD-WAN infrastructure market will grow to $4.5 billion by 2022. For the partners, this is a large opportunity to upgrade their existing customer base and engage new clients. The market is being led by numerous incumbent tech heavyweights, VMware and Silver Peak, but there has also been an influx of SD-WAN startups.


For years wired connections were the primary and the only realistic connectivity option for businesses. Still, wireless technology advancements have made it so that newer wireless technology, like Wi-Fi 6, makes wireless a viable primary offering for several enterprises and business locations.

Technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 will work together with 5G to develop a seamless and blazing-fast experience throughout various work environments, including the offices and outdoor locations. Technologies such as Wi-Fi can handle more devices than previous wireless technologies, critical for connected devices and IoT use cases.

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