24/7 Cybersecurity Services can Fortify SMB's security posture

24/7 Cybersecurity Services can Fortify SMB's security posture

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, May 06, 2019

Over the past few years, a large proportion of cyber attacks have been directed at small businesses, and most of these organizations are still not taking cyber threats seriously, and the cost of neglecting or delaying adequate protection could drive them out of business. Due to the price, many cybersecurity solutions for smaller companies are out of striking range. A controlled security service can dramatically reduce cost, but it can be daunting to sort through every option. Hackers are attacking small businesses more than they are targeting global businesses. Indeed, small businesses are targeting between 58 percent and 61 percent of cyber attacks anywhere. SMBs often fail to realize this because giants from the industry tend to attract the most cybersecurity press. Moreover, the damage to small business that a breach can do stays very real. However, after six months, 60 percent of data breaches end up causing the victim's SMB to close forever.

Advanced cybersecurity can no longer rely solely on preventive skills. To be sure, the small business still requires preventive cybersecurity and a strong digital perimeter; after all, these technologies can effectively block the entry of non-identity-based malware into the network first. Prevention alone, however, cannot block 100 percent of all threats to cybersecurity. Then the company must try to disrupt the cyber attack with enhanced abilities for threat detection and remediation— SIEM can do this.

Managed providers of security services enable small businesses to stay up-to-date with good practices in cybersecurity, even with available resources. Managed security providers carry out SMB cybersecurity supervision and establishment at their core; they can only do this either on-site or via cloud services. Figuring and keeping dedicated IT security team members can be complicated for small businesses with the full force of the cybersecurity staffing crisis. Managed security services help to alleviate this by delivering expertise and staff on cybersecurity. Although the SMB has competent and capable employees, it is essential to deploy appropriate cybersecurity solutions. Cybersecurity can leach even the most committed professionals physically and mentally. It requires constant vigilance in this field. Burnout rates among InfoSec professionals rise without a good work-life balance.

Cybersecurity requires 24/7 eyes and ears. If employees are unable to provide that, a managed security solution should become a top priority for companies. Although they do, alternatively deploy a partial MSSP suite. For small businesses, SIEM may seem complicated and overwhelming. The business, however, could be left at risk for hackers without it. Choosing a managed provider of security services can help bridge the gap and strengthen SMB.

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