2020: The Year of 5G?

2020: The Year of 5G?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 17, 2020

With 5G, the businesses would be wise to start preparing for the change. This might comprise the costs for upgrading hardware, and also the potential opportunities that will open up with greater speeds. Regardless, companies that are preparing for 5G will be poised to reap the most significant benefits.

FREMONT, CA: 5G is an opportunity to re-imagine the business and to think about what company management can do if they weren't constrained by limited bandwidth and slow data transfer speeds. The 5G readiness of the company's IT staff should be considered. The speed of 5G, the data payloads will help to transport. The expansion of IoT that 5G enables will all create opportunities for security breaches that could come at higher frequency and intensity than the IT security threats the company are customary to handle now. New network management challenges are likely to arise with the deployment of both 5G and more IoT at the edges of enterprises.

5G will displace the need for cables by operating on the cloud. 5G will have a hundred times better capacity than 4G and will dramatically enhance the internet speed. Response times will be much faster with 5G. For a world that is enhancing and is dependent on the internet to function, a reduction in time delay is critical.

Globalization, hyper-competition, personalization, and customization are some of the main push for digitalization, beside the technology maturity. There is a force in the market that means opportunities for the enterprises, but also increases concerns. One is the need for improved flexibility, another is security. The enterprise managers can manage more and more data, which is sensitive to the firm's production, security is critical. Not only that, enterprises are facing intensifying pressure to increase workplace safety and to reduce carbon output.

While there are early adopters that see strategic and operational profits that immediately can be realized with 5G. A majority of organizations can afford to be the patient and not aggressive by not jumping to adopt 5G tomorrow. Instead, these companies can methodically develop clear strategies and operational plans to incorporate 5G as part of their IT in the next one to two years.

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