Constellix Sonar - the Real-Time Statistics on Network Traffic...

Constellix Sonar - the Real-Time Statistics on Network Traffic Analysis for DNS Made Easy Users

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

RESTON, VA: Feedback from the users of ‘DNS Made Easy’ on the network traffic monitoring solution named Constellix Sonar is being utilized  to improve the quality of the solution and reach up to the customer expectations.

Currently made available for DNS Made Easy users, the solution is a suite of traffic management tools that provides in-depth analysis of server and network performance. Sonar supports the organization running in peak speed by providing highest possible uptime. Constellix Sonar reports are based on internal network management and system maintenance tools.

The update offer users a faster and easy-to-use control panel, optimized and designed UI to provide faster response times and real-time updates on configured checks. It offers few integrated tools with advanced features such as performance optimization, troubleshooting, real-time logging and alert management. Highly interactive graphical frameworks make users select a specific region and analyze it with ease. Further, the Traceroute tool identifies bottlenecks, packet loss and latency in the network. The solution also provides the user access to define Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) or IP address based check on a specific port.

How it works? Real-time data is gathered and it is delivered to the user in a simple and easy-to-understand synopsis. Data is collected every hour and supplied as summary stats, stats per region and row data. Dashboard displays the data, allows users to filter it based on requirement; provides regional averages, a 10-hour aggregated average per location and one-week aggregated average per location. This statistical summary identifies areas performing well as well as areas to be taken care. Apart from this, the region-specific checks determine real time regional specific monitors.

Sonar Checks updates does not require users to refresh their browsers; changing the status on the control panel instantly. Once there is a change in the status, Sonar sends a push notification to the browser using web sockets.

User can prioritize notifying issues by controlling its delivery time; verify if response received from DNS server matches the expected response; role-based reporting; scheduled downtime. Users can also check their own system with customizable monitoring window; providing insight on page-load performance and troubleshooting issues.

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