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Inscape Data: Pioneers In Outdoor Poe Switches

David Lin ,Chief Technology Officer, Inscape DataDavid Lin ,Chief Technology Officer
The ‘anywhere, always-on’ secure access to the internet is becoming the benchmark for outdoor Wi-Fi service providers in today’s connected society. As service providers try to meet these user demands, they face many challenges. High temperature, dust, dirt, and rain, to name a few, can wreak havoc on the network power, maintenance, and reliability of power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment, which is crucial for establishing Wi-Fi availability.

Inscape Data addresses these challenges with its robust and durable Wi-Fi equipment, which can withstand constant exposure to adverse weather conditions. To facilitate the desired service quality, the company follows a meticulous validation of its All-in- One-Box LinkPower outdoor managed and unmanaged Gigabit PoE switch solutions.

“Additionally, we provide production scheduling, rollout, and follow-up support for our customers so they can streamline their implementations and measure the success of their deployments,” says David Lin, chief technology officer of Inscape Data.

Since 2009, Inscape Data is continually innovating and has pioneered the development of its All-in-One-Box outdoor PoE switch products, adding various patents based on outdoor PoE technology to its portfolio. The company’s product suite includes LinkPower All-in-One-Box outdoor PoE switch products, which offer a unique combination of flexible installation, simplified wiring, integration, and network management for small- and large-scale network deployment projects. The company’s injectors and PoE or D.C. converters seamlessly inter-connect with LinkPower Outdoor PoE switches, facilitating quick implementation. System integrators can power a wide range of network devices with its outdoor PoE network solutions that incorporate IEEE 802.3 AF/AT/ BT PoE standards, non-standard passive PoE, or direct 5/12/24/48V D.C. power requirements.

Inscape Data’s LinkPower outdoor PoE Switch solutions have evolved from a single All-in-One-Box IP68 outdoor PoE switch product to a family of outdoor PoE network solutions.
The solutions come with LinkPower IP68 Outdoor PoE switches, LinkPower IP68 Outdoor PoE injectors, LinkPower Standard PoE to Passive PoE/D.C. converters, and LinkPower UPS1048 Uninterrupted Power System, which are all designed to withstand the most adverse environmental conditions and establish uninterrupted service delivery.

Another key product innovation in Inscape Data’s All-in-One- Box IP68 outdoor PoE switch product is the ‘hotel space’ in the switch compartments. Provided in the company’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE Switches, it allows integrators to maintain and operate cables and network accessories such as splitters and extenders. The hotel space also enables them to safely enclose crucial components and accessories without attaching an additional compartment with the switch.

Inscape Data’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE network solutions are versatile, flexible, and easy to use. With these solutions, clients can power devices from 5V to 53V D.C. with standard RJ45 jacks for network applications with high-power I.R. cameras and lower-power Wi-Fi radios or barrel jacks for IoT applications, including smart grid sensors. The flexibility and wide range of network power options make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer to smart city network needs.

Additionally, we provide production scheduling, rollout, and follow-up support for our customers so they can streamline their implementations and measure the success of their deployments

Inscape Data’s All-in-One-Box outdoor 802.3af/at/bt managed Gigabit PoE switch technology effectively enables a wide range of wired or wireless, I.P. video, and smart city applications, notably video surveillance systems, campus, and metropolitan Wi-Fi networks, and smart city networks. Using Inscape Data’s LinkPower All-in-One-Box outdoor multi-port Gigabit PoE switches and LinkPower total PoE and fiber optic solutions, any organization, from system integrators to governments and schools can economically and flexibly deploy and install their data, voice, and video communications.

Inscape Data is founded on a culture of entrepreneurship and product innovation. The company is committed to delivering reliable and quality products and will continue to provide innovative, reliable, and highly cost-competitive LinkPower PoE and fiber optic solutions. Moving forward, Inscape Data aims to innovate and capitalize on new products based on its proprietary technologies.
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Inscape Data

Inscape Data

San Jose, CA

David Lin ,Chief Technology Officer

Inscape Data is a U.S.-based manufacturer of total PoE and fiber optic solutions, specifically outdoor PoE injector and switch solutions, All-in-One-Box outdoor gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) injectors, switches, commercial PoE switches, fiber optic switches, and commercial PoE injectors, splitters, and extenders