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HostMyCalls: Not all Hosted PBX/VoIP Problems are Created Equal

James Waldrop, President, HostMyCallsJames Waldrop, President
In the world of business, a company often differentiates itself under two factors–either providing superior customer service or offering competitive prices. While the latter is the most common tactic adopted to win customers’ hearts, the key to success lies in turning fickle consumers into brand loyalists. This is where knowledge and experience play a pivotal role in giving organizations an edge over their competitors.

Similar was the case of HostMyCalls—a name to reckon with in the realm of hosted PBX and VoIP services. HostMyCalls utilized its longstanding expertise of almost 75 years in the field of telecommunications to mitigate the challenges faced by a renowned Tullahoma-based automotive firm. The automotive firm’s existing hosted voice services struggled with ongoing technical problems stemming from classic implementation issues. This is perhaps not surprising, as the service was self-installed and the provider had not even been on site to get a handle on the growing phone system needs of the customer.

Their call center environment was not integrated with their overhead paging. Fax traffic was not being handled correctly. In short, this bustling company was finding out that some problems, specifically hosted PBX and VoIP services, can require robust expertise and a top-down technical assessment of a company’s voice communication needs.

James Waldrop, President of HostMyCalls, talks about how his company came to the rescue with its hosted PBX/VoIP know-how and average employee telecom experience of over 25 years. “Our experience has taught us the difference between a good phone system and a bad one is installation, training, and support,” explains Waldrop. He put his company to work learning about all the moving parts of the automotive firm’s phone and communication needs and used this to prescribe expertly recommended solutions.
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Today, the client is a happy customer. Their six locations have been upgraded into one unified virtual call center, complete with integration for their overhead paging and fax needs. “By doing that,” Waldrop says, “and especially by being on site, we were able to understand their environment and solve many of the nagging issues that they had been experiencing for quite some time with their previous provider. The thing they seem to appreciate the most is our all U.S. based customer support.”

The Best Kept Secret in Telecom

Sophisticated and flexible PBX telephone systems were once only affordable to big business enterprises. But as the story in Tullahoma illustrates, it takes specialized knowledge to build the right system and high-quality customer support to rectify any issues in a timely manner.

The roots of HostMyCalls date back to 1946 when it sold and installed wired premise-based telephone systems. In 2001, during the wake of the dotcom boom, the company adapted to the changing industry landscape and began providing related hosting services over the internet. Today, this company can draw from its deep well of insight into the marketplace and its ever-evolving technologies. The employees of HostMyCalls use their combined experience to offer customized solutions unique to each customer, eschewing a cookie-cutter approach. HostMyCalls serves companies of any size with their hosted PBX solutions, and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make systems and applications run smoothly. The company identifies that most problems in call quality arise from a user’s internet and internal network. Unlike others in the industry, HostMyCalls works to remove these potential roadblocks to ensure the products and services they offer are allowed to be used to their fullest extent. The company works closely with its customers’ ISPs and data VARs to pinpoint and resolve any connectivity issues, both before and after installation. “We are the best-kept secret in telecom,” Waldrop says, once again pointing to customer support as fundamental to their business. “We find our high customer retention rate directly proportional to the effective services we offer to our clients,” he continues. Waldrop points to the deficit of telecom experience in other competitors in the VoIP/PBX space that is needed to understand the many technical issues and nuances of this side of the voice communication equation.

We are the best-kept secret in telecom. A fundamental and relevant point of focus for our organization is customer support. We find our high customer retention rate directly proportional to the effective services we offer to our clients

Achieving Seamless Integration

At the core, HostMyCalls addresses the ongoing demands of easy integration and improved customization in voice hosting and helps businesses move their critical functions to the cloud. In essence, the company offers best-in-class and outstanding Hosted PBX/ VoIP services at an affordable price range. HostMyCalls uses state-of-the-art data centers supporting their customers’ hosted solutions. By employing its self-designed tools, the company can gather a top-down health check on the connection and network that is supplying internet connectivity to its users. It’s this in-depth level of service integration that has allowed HostMyCalls to meet the demands which the COVID-19 pandemic imposed on its customers, aiding in the transitioning to decentralized workforces. HostMyCalls interfaces with its clientele both directly and through skilled agents. Typically, an agent will on-board a client after analyzing the client’s business needs. What follows is a unique proposal process during which HostMyCalls lays out the fundamentals of their services and breaks down seemingly opaque technical issues into a solvable game plan for the client. The company’s skilled team of telecom veterans then gets to work, preparing databases, performing on-site installations, and collaborating with the client on an action plan. In short, the solution is anything but cookie-cutter. “We do not dictate how the customer is going to have anything programmed; we simply guide them,” underscores Waldrop. The company also brings a refreshing no-blame culture to its customer service approach that allows its staff to function not just as a close knit-team with one another but also with the clientele, whose priority when any issue arises is simply that it is resolved as painlessly as possible. ‘Why did this problem happen? And how do we solve it and prevent it from happening in the future?’ These are the kind of questions always at the forefront of these resolution efforts.

Out-of-the-box Approach to Yield Better Outcomes

It is HostMyCalls constant vigil in upgrading its platforms, network, and services -all while optimizing customer experiences- that make it a one-of-a-kind company. Currently, the company is promoting SMS as a strategic communication platform among its customers. Waldrop hints that SMS has the potential to become a mainstream part of business communication, owing to its intuitive nature and general human efficiency and that competitors are not providing customers with competent SMS solutions. Other providers often fail to provide the basic assumed functionality of SMS, such as support for non-Roman characters, picture messages, MMS, and emojis. HostMyCalls already provides clients with a multi-user environment that supports text message functionality on a user’s existing published number. “In addition, we provide bulk messaging options for easy appointment reminder set-ups and facilitate easy integration of the platform with multiple cloud applications,” explains Waldrop.

He recalls one instance when a customer (with over 200 tutoring centers across the U.S.) needed to frequently interact with the students and their parents for scheduling of classes. HostMyCalls brought unity to the chaotic situation, giving the customer the ability to have multi-user SMS access using their published telephone numbers, creating a single simplified communication platform that was also intuitive to use. These innovations also find their way to the sales side of things. HostMyCalls delivers its proposals as web pages embedded with convenient functionalities that allow customers to check the availability of their technical consultant/agent and contact them through an audio/video call.

Nomadic telephones, a staple service of HostMyCalls, allows for ease of access to communication tools and has become a vital tool for a distributed workforce. HostMyCall’s offers its SD-WAN service to interface with customers’ VPN connections, facilitating those working from home. All of these pieces come together to form a more resilient and user-friendly network that has adapted to the modern age, rather than forcing users to try to make do with anachronistic solutions.

A Solid Foundation for the Future of Communication

HostMyCalls has also launched its unique video service with a specialty of helping field personnel collaborate with their support teams. The service offers the ability to annotate on shared video streams while discussing the topic. This brings video collaboration to the hands of the often-mobile participants with fixed users. The company is eyeing future innovation to its SMS platform with marketing compliance and context-sensitive time-of-day automated responses. The company is also growing its base of agents as it eyes to expand its honed service offerings beyond its strong Southeastern U.S. core. Its tier three data centers are constantly being bolstered, with a focus on geo-redundancy and enhancing their abilities to reroute customer traffic around internet problems. Waldrop also announces plans to launch a variety of web browser-based telephony features, with an eye on optimizing how customers interact remotely. “Our browser-based telephony will humanize web content,” Waldrop concludes, citing a need to maintain a human touch on their new tools, despite the distance-imposed customer interactions by COVID-19.
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James Waldrop, President

HostMyCalls provides best in class quality service and outstanding Hosted PBX/Hosted VoIP services at an affordable price range. The company addresses the ongoing demands of easy integration and improved customization in voice hosting, and helps businesses move their critical functions to the cloud. In essence, the company offers best-in-class and outstanding Hosted PBX/ VoIP services at an affordable price range. It works closely with the customers’ ISPs and data VARs to pinpoint and resolve any connectivity issues, both before and after installation