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James Waldrop, President, HostMyCallsJames Waldrop, President
HostMyCalls’ senior management team has over 200 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry. HostMycalls entered the Hosted VoIP space more than 2 decades ago to compete against key and PBX telephone systems, not other hosted providers. HostMyCalls target then was to accommodate the needs of their customers with new technology. The technology has evolved significantly, but customer needs have not evolved, they have expanded. Support is a prime example. Many Hosted VoIP providers assume that customer support has evolved where customers desire self-installation and programming of their service and are eager to go to forums to discover every step. HostMyCalls does not believe customers have the time or appetite for this tedious approach which is why their 100% US-based support functions similar to the support of an on-premise telephone system.

“HostMyCalls delivers technology in a ready-to-use fashion where many providers get lost in the implementation,” says James Waldrop, president of HostMyCalls. He illustrates his point with CRM integration and website chat.

He sees website chat as an ineffective means of communication as it requires the website visitor to be chained to their device and browser. The business must dedicate personnel to monitoring chat rooms. Worse, there can be no follow-up communication once the chat is broken.

HostMyCalls is answering this need by providing products where SMS conversations and audio calls can be initiated directly from customers’ websites. SMS conversations started from a website widget can be continued indefinitely, regardless of the device the visitor is using. The company does not need to dedicate personnel, as new conversations and replies can be monitored via mobile apps. Audio calls do not rely on telephony devices being linked to the visitor’s computer. Instead, the audio calls utilize the WebRTC technology built into all major internet browsers to bridge calls directly into customers’ telephone systems.

HostMyCalls recognizes that there are thousands of CRMs in the marketplace that meet the various organizational needs. Occasionally, the CRM platform is custom and not part of a commercial package. Regardless, businesses now routinely ask about the integration between their Hosted VoIP service and the CRM package that they use.
“Many hosted VoIP providers only offer an API which leaves the customer responsible for gluing the CRM and the VoIP service together. Rather, we provide development staff that can guide and even create the software necessary to connect the CRM and HostMyCalls APIs. In some cases, the company presents a proof of concept ahead of implementation,” says Waldrop.

A Truly Comprehensive Solution

HostMyCalls serves small to large businesses and local governmental groups. Even though their needs vary widely, the company finds common concerns early in the process from their past experiences with VoIP providers. The installation and deployment of endpoints are a concern for many, making self-installation an undesired solution.
  • HostMyCalls delivers technology in a ready-to-use fashion where many providers get lost in the implementation

On the surface, it sounds simple – open a box, assemble the phone, place it on the desk, and plug it in. Where things get tricky is the connection to the local area network, routers, firewalls, paging, door boxes, faxes etc. Then concern turns to call routing, telephone customization, headset integration, equipment training and support.

HostMyCalls provides on-site technicians to guide through implementation.

HostMyCalls delivers a full array of services both at and away from the office through movable desk phones, chat, business-grade conversational SMS and browser-based WebRTC softphones. The company also furnishes iOS and Android apps.

An Organization of Professionals

HostMyCalls believes that to provide state-of-the-art VoIP communications, it must help the customer solve issues encountered with their internet service without pointing fingers. The company, to this end, has developed an internet test tool with the ability to identify issues from end to end. It not only reports on each step in the process but continues over an extended period. This tool is vital to supporting the company’s mandate to provide solutions for customers. Acting on its customer’s behalf, it generates a report and shares it with the customers’ ISP to aid them in correcting problems.

HostMyCalls provides a complete hosted solution for customers with no capital investment. It bundles the endpoints in a monthly service fee and includes an exclusive lifetime equipment warranty.

“We are simply an organization of professionals. We do not believe in micromanagement and unequivocally allow our employees to do their jobs,” informs Waldrop. “This has translated into a work culture, where our employees love their jobs and play a vital role in ensuring complete customer satisfaction.”
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Knoxville, TN

James Waldrop, President

HostMyCalls provides best in class quality service and outstanding Hosted PBX/Hosted VoIP services at an affordable price range. The company addresses the ongoing demands of easy integration and improved customization in voice hosting, and helps businesses move their critical functions to the cloud.