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FIBERONE: Reduced Rack Space, Increased Accessibility

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Craig Mead, Founder, FIBERONECraig Mead, Founder
The increasing pervasiveness of the internet, higher broadband speeds, and considerable investments in technology R&Dhave propelled the fiber optics market to new heights. According to MarketWatch, the global fiber optics market is anticipated to reach $7 billion by 2026. However, there are a few challenges that hamper the installation of a fiber-optic network. For example, data centers, network hubs, and central offices have a high density of fiber networks. The higher fiber counts takes up a lot of rack space and can result in inefficient connections. To tackle this problem, many companies developed high-density panels and fiber optic cassettes—devices that have actually put connectors more closely together. The use of these cassettes, help save a lot of rack space; but with the recessed design these connectors can be harder to access. That is where FIBERONE, a company known for its innovative fiber optics solutions, comes in. The company tackles the hard to access connector issue with its special U-Series cassettes.

Mounted in a chassis FIBERONE's double patented U-Series cassettes slide 4-5 inches forward out of the chassis. This technique helps put a group of 12 connectors attached to the cassette directly at the technician's fingertips. The approach makes it a lot easier for technicians to install, inspect, and test the connectors. "U-Series simplifies the ability to access jumpers in a small group of 12 connectors as opposed to an open panel with hundreds of connectors," says Craig Mead, Founder of FIBERONE.

The U-Series cassette comes with two significant advantages. The first is its design. The cassette is designed to ensure that the fiber connectors around the chassis can slide in or out while they are active. Thus, the bend radius of the fiber doesn't exceed the minimum limit resulting in the elimination of insertion loss due to excessive bend.

Secondly, each cassette is fitted with a U-Guard fiber manager, another patented FIBERONE product that manages a group of 12 connectors.

U-Series simplifies the ability to access jumpers in a small group of 12 connectors as opposed to an open panel with hundreds of connectors.

The U-Guard eliminates the cassette's interference with other adjacent cassettes on the chassis and simplifies the ability to access the connectors.

To cater to its client's most urgent needs, FIBERONE provides them with Double Express Service. Under the service, the company meets the needs of clients who need fiber assemblies in a hurry. FIBERONE utilizes a part of its production facility to work later in the day and ship the products overnight via FedEx. This service proves to be of great help to customers who have a critical system issue and need a specific type of fiber assembly very urgently.

The fast delivery response of their Double Express service helped overcome an incident faced by a FIBERONE client. A network operator enterprise was using the FIBERONE U-Series cassette and required fiber jumpers to connect their active equipment. However, they realized that the jumpers they ordered were the wrong size. The issue became severe as they had a contractor coming over to set up the system the very next day. The operator called FIBERONE and urgently ordered the right jumpers. The enterprise then produced custom jumpers and had them shipped to the customer overnight. As a result, the jumpers got there on time, and the contractor could come in and start the system as per the scheduled time. This incident proves the willingness of FIBERONE to go the extra mile while handling such mission-critical solutions.

After the U-Series, FIBERONE is now planning to develop an outdoor closure- an outdoor fiber distribution hub incorporating the U-Series cassettes along with optical splitters and distribution fibers. The enterprise has already deployed the first model and will roll out two more new models by mid-year. The outdoor closure houses optical splitters that enhance the passive optical networks for fiber-to-the-home applications. The outdoor closures will allow service providers to handle anywhere from 144 to 432 subscribers. The fiber Distribution hubs will come in three different sizes. So, depending on the number of subscribers in a service area, the service providers can address a variety of fiber-to-the-home applications. Thus, FIBERONE continually works to develop better optical fiber networks and deliver the best possible products to its customers.
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Craig Mead, Founder

FIBERONE'S U-Series Cassette reduces the rack storage space for fiber connectors and, at the same time, increase their accessibility for the technicians. The cassettes contain 12 connector slots that slide forward when connectors are attached to them while they are in an active state. This provides technicians with easy accessibility when they install or inspect the connectors. The cassette is equipped with U-Guard that manages 12 connectors together while ensuring that they don't interfere with other connectors in the chassis.