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Ciena [NYSE: CIEN]: Optical Networking For Adaptive Networks

Gary Smith, CEO, Ciena [NYSE: CIEN]Gary Smith, CEO With today’s networks growing smarter, more agile, and nuanced every day, an intelligent, programmable, and adaptive paradigm for optical networks is a crucial requisite for businesses today. Also, the capability to move massive amounts of data around the world instantly is essential to harness networks’ increasing complexity beneficially. Consequently, optical networks are undergoing a transformation under the pressure to deliver revenue opportunities while cost-effectively supporting increased data traffic.

In the field of optical networking, Ciena aims to build more adaptive networks according to the changing demands of businesses. Ciena is a networking systems, services, and software company with a workforce backed by 26 years of experience in building the world’s most complex networks. “We strategically integrate hardware, services, and software in an open environment to ensure our clients’ networks are ‘fit for flexibility’ today and into the future,” says Gary Smith, the CEO of Ciena. With Simplicity, efficiency and operational flexibility serving as necessary competitive requirements, Ciena leverages coherent optics technology to modulate the amplitude and phase of light to accommodate more data on the light being transmitted through a fiber optic cable across two polarizations. Coherent optics also include an intelligent receiver that can tune to any frequency. With digital signal processing at both the transmitter and receiver, coherent optics offer better optical performance. The upshot is optical networking with significantly augmented capacity and performance.

Evolution of Networking Needs

Irrespective of the beneficial pragmatism that fiber optic transmission brings to networking, the industry is evolving, and end-users desire more capacity, more content, and more flexibility at the cost of less overhead, complication, and expenditure. This necessitates the transformation of clients and their networks. Moreover, Ciena serves as a practiced guide helping clients build a more adaptive and intelligent network. Ciena’s adaptive system lets users command complexity by combining intelligent automation, real-time analytics, and the ability to tune a scalable, programmable infrastructure.

The company’s ability to optimize network flexibility, security, and speed to keep up with increasing demands is propelled by Ciena’s rich expertise, collaborative culture and partnerships that help clients evolve. Working with over 1,300 customers around the world, Ciena has developed an unmatched understanding of their customers’ needs which bolsters the company’s ability to partner with clients and address their needs.

We strategically integrate hardware, services, and software in an open environment to ensure our clients' networks are 'fit for flexibility' today and into the future

Ciena provides solutions and services to empower clients to evolve their networks profitably.

WaveLogic Family

Ciena’s WaveLogic family of coherent technology platforms offers new levels of intelligence, automation, and scale to enable providers to meet or exceed their business goals in the new web-scale world. Pushing the boundaries of technology, WaveLogic 3 solutions enable higher fiber capacities via 150G and 200G wavelengths that fit within standard 50GHz spacing and boost line capacity and spectral efficiency.

"WaveLogic Ai can facilitate increase in network efficiency with unrivalled systems intelligence and programmability"

WaveLogic Ai is the fourth generation of Ciena’s WaveLogic coherent technology introducing capabilities the industry has never seen before. It delivers unparalleled levels of automation and intelligence to operators. It provides access to real-time link monitoring and capacity tunability from 100G to 400G in 50G increments. WaveLogic Ai empowers users to monitor and control their network in real time and delivers enhanced capacity per channel with single-carrier 400G—at twice the capacity, half the power consumption, and three times the distance. It provides the ability to program how users define the optical function in the network through APIs, allowing access to network data in real time. “WaveLogic Ai can facilitate the increase in network efficiency with unrivalled systems intelligence and programmability,” states Smith.

In February, 2019, Ciena unveiled the WaveLogic 5, solidifying the company’s position as a pioneer in the optical networking landscape. With WaveLogic 5, Ciena has introduced two new coherent optics solutions—WaveLogic Extreme (WL5e) and WaveLogic Nano (WL5n). While WaveLogic Extreme helps build more scalable and programmable networks whileWaveLogic Nano helps extend the scale and ease-of-use benefits of coherent technology. WaveLogic 5 can address the users’ technical and economic requirements across a range of network applications.

Ciena Learning

“Committed to educate, enrich, and empower the user, Ciena provides ‘Ciena Learning’—a learning hub for Ciena customers, employees, and partners,” says Smith. Users can gain the knowledge they need to make a difference in their personal and professional lives.

Ciena Learning helps improve customer and colleague conversations with detailed information solutions which enhance productivity and accelerate problem-solving. With Ciena’s product training, users can understand how to do more, gain troubleshooting expertise and success.

The company offers courses such as the Discover Series which provide a perfect starting point to form a robust foundation regarding Ciena’s technologies, products, and solutions. Ciena also offers Pre-assessments to test the users’ knowledge of Carrier Ethernet, Optical Communications, Photonic Layer (PL), and more, to provide recommendations on where to begin the program. Ciena’s certification courses enhance users’ technology skills and experience alongside providing them a competitive advantage in the industry.

Ciena Learning Labs in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas offer an on-campus experience with top-rated instructors. Furthering their fervor to innovate, Ciena provides Innovation Labs—locations with working demos of the company’s innovations so users can get hands-on experience with their technology. Such an up close and personal experience with the industry-leading innovative technology of Ciena informs learners and inspires change.

Work Culture

Ciena functions espousing the corporate or brand values of the customer first, integrity, velocity, innovation, and outstanding people. After registration for Ciena’s secure extranet service, users gain 24/7 access to the support, information, and tools they need to implement and operate their Ciena products. Technical support bulletins or Field Service Bulletins (FSBs) and Product Change Notification (PCN) bulletins serve as an important source of information that users can elect to receive via eServices. Users have access to technical documentation, remote support information, training information, order status information, and more. Continually adding new capabilities and intelligence, Ciena ensures easy and efficient interaction with the company for a better quality of experience (QoE). In terms of their workforce, Ciena embraces diversity, celebrates inclusion and champions ideas from their competent and innovatively outstanding people. The company discovered the value drivers of their employees: the essence of flexibility, openness, informality, and professionalism which Ciena is now embedding into their processes and policies. The company is proud to have been designated a “Great Place to Work” for 2019.

Ciena Charting a Course Ahead

Ciena is committed to deepening its trust with customers and partners worldwide, building the strongest team possible and delivering stockholder value while advancing its leadership position. The company aspires to strike the appropriate balance between investing in their portfolio in ways that cater to their customers’ most critical challenges such as the migration to next-generation network architectures. Ciena endeavors to offer customers the deepest level of expertise and dedication to delivering the innovation, quality and customer service expected of a networking aficionado.
- Tenzin Chogkyi
    April 01, 2019

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