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Check Point Software Technologies: Vanguards of the Modern Firewall

CIO VendorGil Shwed, Founder & CEO Simple, yet highly effective malware families are looming outside enterprise networks today, waiting for a loophole to plug themselves in and create massive destruction. Even after ginormous malwares like WannaCry and NotPetya made global headlines, many organizations still rely on a strategy of detection and response after an attack as their primary means of defense. Many of these sophisticated attacks use known malware variants that could have been blocked if proper security measures were deployed in the first place. “In the increasingly connected world of today, the attacks are ‘truly’ everywhere. Criminals are using sophisticated technologies where there is massive damage to critical infrastructures. Advanced threat prevention tools do exist, but are insufficiently used. This is merely the beginning,” says Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies. To provide organizations with the best level of protection, security experts must be attuned to the ever-changing landscape and the latest threats and attack methods to keep their security posture at the highest standard. Being at the forefront of the enterprise security space, Check Point Software Technologies [NASDAQ:CHKP] offers a complete security architecture with comprehensive and intuitive security management defending enterprises’ networks.

"Check Point Infinity is the Cybersecurity architecture of the future. It is a complete integration of the most advanced threat prevention everywhere in the system"

With Shwed at the helm, the network security giant leverages its long-standing history of security expertise to provide next generation firewall solution for customers of all sizes. As one of network security's most successful, influential and enigmatic leaders, Shwed has bagged numerous accolades for individual achievements as well as industry contributions. These accolades are a testament to his contribution to the remarkable development of Check Point as pioneer in the global security market.

An Intuitive Security Solution Stack

By adopting a ‘single consolidated system’ approach to restructure the cybersecurity architecture, Check Point’s integrated threat prevention offering effectively knits through cloud, mobile, and network environments to deliver a cybersecurity strategy that caters to business needs, both policy wise and in terms of scalability. “Check Point Infinity is the Cybersecurity architecture of the future. It is a complete integration of the most advanced threat prevention everywhere in the system.

The foundation of our success is our customer-driven philosophy, our continuous technological innovation, as well as our relentless and pure focus on providing comprehensive, innovative security

It is an architecture, where preemptive threat prevention is built in to the system which can block the most sophisticated attacks before they happen,” mentions Shwed. The Check Point security architecture model places layers of protection atop cloud, mobile, and network with the company’s Next Generation Firewall, and Next Generation Threat Prevention that even includes SandBlast Advanced Threat prevention (for Zero Day protection) among other security offerings. The single window security platform leverages unified threat intelligence and is open to interface which makes it future-proof to a great extent. The platform offers a single management console with modular policy management and integrated threat visibility at every level of enterprise network architecture.

The effectiveness and robustness of their Infinity offering, for instance, can be well understood with a use case. When an email harboring a malicious zero-day vulnerability arrives, Infinity blocks the email just as SandBlast profiles the vulnerability to extract more information from the file. All the information is instantly shared across the enterprise and across all of Check Point’s customers.

Simultaneously, users would be stopped from accessing the identified malicious source from within the organization and VMs on clouds will be quarantined. For enterprises running on traditional architecture, achieving such a feat would be a herculean task involving analysts and several manual overrides. Additionally, Infinity can stay abreast of newer shared intelligence and threat prevention methods and can incorporate them automatically into the security architecture.

Superior Next Generation Firewall

Check Point’s firewall solutions are a crucial component of the company’s Infinity offering. The Check Point NGFW earned the ‘recommended’ rating for the fifth consecutive time for security awareness and value by NSS Labs. In additional to Check Point vSEC for public and private clouds, the company offers firewall solutions for data centers, and SMEs as well. Increasing dependencies on agile networks and SDN is poised to revolutionize the way business processes function. The paradigm shift, however, poses several security challenges. For instance, Network Virtualization has created a shift in traffic behavior wherein more traffic is going East-West in the data center.
With fewer controls to secure such traffic, threats can travel unimpeded once inside the data center. Check Point vSEC seamlessly delivers advanced threat protection to prevent the lateral spread of threats within software-defined data centers. Through a single unified management solution, users can leverage the visibility and control parameters to effectively manage security in both physical and virtual environments.

A prominent data center solutions provider based in England, Daymark Solutions, was in need of a solution stack to prevent cyberthreats, malware, and ransomware from penetrating their hybrid cloud environments. They were also in dire need for improved visibility into threats and firewall activities inside the cloud to better serve their customers. “Daymark Solutions conducted extensive evaluations of next-generation firewall solutions and identified Check Point as an industry leader. After testing several solutions in the lab, the team was impressed by Check Point’s ease of use and superb visibility,” recalls Shwed. By employing Check Point vSEC for Microsoft Azure Cloud and Check Point security appliances, the company was able to easily provision vSEC gateway using automation and orchestration features. Daymark was also able to achieve a consolidated view of on-premise and cloud security in a single pane of glass. “We wanted a solution that could inspect at Layers 4 through 7, deliver in-depth analytics, and prevent threats—not just detect them. It had to work with Azure, and as well had to protect customers’ highly detailed, micro-segmented workloads. Having data leak prevention, intrusion protection, all the advanced zero-day protection services running on our perimeter with Check Point was critical. Check Point has proven to be a very critical component of our environment,” endorses Corey Roberts, Director of Technology at Daymark Solutions.

Check Point recently announced that its vSEC cloud security solution for Microsoft Azure has been enhanced to support Azure Stack, delivering consistent security across Azure public and hybrid cloud environments. As a Microsoft Azure Certified partner, Check Point enables customers to seamlessly protect all Azure assets and workloads with advanced threat prevention security, while offering secure connectivity across on-premises networks and their Azure cloud environments.

Impressive Track Record

When Shwed founded Check Point in 1993, the company pioneered in the IT security industry with FireWall-1 and its patented Stateful inspection technology, which is still the foundation for most network security technologies today. Prior to launching Check Point Infinity, in early 2009, the company introduced a breakthrough security innovation with its Software Blade architecture that is fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization or environment. Since inception, Check Point has grown by leaps and bounds through strategic acquisitions and industry recognitions. Today, the company’s clientele include thousands of organizations of all sizes, including all Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies. “The foundation of our success is our customer-driven philosophy, our continuous technological innovation, as well as our relentless and pure focus on providing comprehensive, innovative security,” concludes Shwed.
- Russel Thomas
    December 12, 2017