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BlueRam Technology Solutions: Bringing Enterprise Solutions to Small Businesses

CIO VendorAyo Joel-Taiwo, Founder & CEO
'Educating the small-scale customers’ remains a challenge for organizations especially when it comes to critical functions such as compliance. While large enterprises are careful about complying with guidelines like PCI or HIPAA, small businesses lack the required knowledge to do so. “We thus educate small businesses and make them understand the consequences of not being compliant,” says Ayo Joel-Taiwo, the founder & CEO of BlueRam Technology Solutions.

BlueRam informs such firms about how their competitors overcome compliance-related challenges along with the steps they take in order to be compliant. Taiwo believes such an approach helps in educating the small entities. This also helps BlueRam guide clients about the changing market trends. Having worked in the networking and security space for over eight years, Taiwo utilizes his experience along with the BlueRam team’s continuous efforts to deliver cost-effective enterprise solutions to small-scale businesses. “We are also trying to make them security conscious and aware of the ever-evolving threats,” stresses Taiwo.

Small-sized organizations need to be agile in order to expand the business and scale their offerings, and BlueRam supports these endeavours of its clients with scalable, future-proof services. The company’s portfolio includes security, network, voice/IP, and cloud services that address the current and future needs of customers. BlueRam integrates the security, network, and cloud services together for the customers to make them more efficient in what they want to do. The company analyzes the customers’ network infrastructure to ensure its security and compliance aligns with the overall business objectives. Its cloud services, on the other hand, focus on disaster recovery (DR) and migration of applications to the cloud such as Office 365.

The company’s portfolio includes security, network, voice/IP, and cloud services that address the current and future needs of small-sized businesses

BlueRam works in partnership with technology giants such as Cisco, AWS, VMware, and other leading entities. Getting acquainted with the solutions offered by such organizations helps the company in customizing those solutions for its small business customers. BlueRam has a wide customer base comprising healthcare clients, non-profit organizations, and managed service providers (MSPs). A good percentage of the company’s business however comes from supporting all the MSPs in the network and security areas. The company also delivers services to the clientele of MSPs in other segments.

Taiwo elaborates on the services provided by BlueRam, citing the example of a client in the construction space that had six remote sites in the Midwest and was attacked by ransomware. BlueRam engaged with the customer and discovered that they had 8-10 employees per site who were utilizing an unscalable solution to access their in-house applications. Their data centers also had inadequate temperature as those rooms were not built to be a data center. BlueRam helped the company improve their data centers at all sites and enhanced their infrastructure. BlueRam reformed the physical infrastructure by virtualizing it to maintain adequate temperature in the rooms. At some sites, the server count was reduced to one considering that a single server generates less heat. The availability of applications was also improved by deploying a backup and DR solution giving them future protection. BlueRam’s support allowed the construction company to improve its infrastructure and ensure business scalability.

BlueRam envisions making a global footprint in the near future. Currently, it is partnering with MSPs in different states especially for voice/IP services and further intends to broaden its voice/IP services. The company has also conceptualized a spin-off for to move ahead in this direction. Moreover, BlueRam anticipates significant growth opportunities in Chicago, specifically in the education and healthcare verticals.