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Joe Canavan, CEO, Blue Stream FiberJoe Canavan, CEO
The pandemic has blurred the boundaries between work and home. In the past, everyone got up, got dressed and ‘went’ to work. Now work comes to us. What once was a spare office or sparsely used den is now expected to be a fully functioning workspace.

Over the course of the pandemic, it was fun to watch our co-workers’ workspaces evolve from chaotic makeshift locations in the home to sophisticated work-from-home spaces with fun desks, cool backgrounds, and all the conveniences of a modern office. Well, almost all. You see – the one thing that you cannot fix in a home office with paint and a cool piece of art is your home network.

For years home networks were a best-effort service. They worked well in the living room and kitchen, but outside of that, it was a roll of the dice. Now with 60 percent of Americans working from home or wanting to work from home at least part-time, internet and home networks need an enterprise level upgrade!

Unlike legacy ISPs that utilize copper networks and best effort WiFi, there is an innovative and forward-thinking fiber based ISP in Florida leading the way and upgrading residential Internet and TV to an enterprise-level service.

Blue Stream Fiber delivers enterprise-level reliability and WiFi coverage throughout the home with unmatched speed and reliability to almost 100,000 homes and in over 250 communities across the state. Having been in business for over 40 years, the team knows that in order to grow and keep customers happy, a great customer experience in the home is the key to success.

Joe Canavan, CEO of Blue Stream Fiber, says, “The same expectations that apply to enterprise networks have now extended to the home. We deliver an enterprise-level WiFi experience inside our residential customers’ homes at a consumer-friendly price point.”

Mainly working with homeowners’ associations (HOAs), condo associations, multi-tenant communities, and builders, Blue Stream Fiber begins its close client relationships with an evaluation of the community’s Internet, TV, Phone and WiFi needs and detailed conversations to understand the primary use case for connectivity.
After engineering a solution to meet their needs around access points, speed and SLAs, Blue Stream Fiber designs and installs a custom solution including a new 100 percent Fiber-to-the-Home network, redundancy for the neighborhood hub, individual in-home mesh networking and all TV and Phone services requested. Blue Stream Fiber then performs a complete home certification for each home, ensuring that WiFi is working throughout with a clear signal and utmost reliability. Additionally, Blue Stream Fiber leverages automated technology to constantly optimize the WiFi network in the home as the demands of the WiFi usage pattern changes.

Finally, there is also an enhanced network level security, including the ability to control the network at a device level with automated protection updates done by Blue Stream Fiber. This service offering truly transforms the service provided to a home from a best-effort consumer experience, to one on par with enterprise-level WiFi service.

Committed to exceeding customer expectations today and in the future, Blue Stream Fiber also focuses on ongoing developments in the emerging managed WiFi landscape in Multi Family communities.
  • The same expectations that apply to enterprise networks have now extended to the home. We deliver an enterprise-level WiFi experience inside our residential customers homes at a consumer-friendly price point

Canavan says, “With our managed WiFi service, residents have the ability to connect to all their smart devices and manage them all through an app, all while building owners can generate income and reduce operational expenses. Tremendous growth is expected in the multi-tenant managed WiFi space over the next ten years, and we will be prepared to meet the evolving needs.”

As part of exceeding expectations, Blue Stream Fiber also offers a program designed specifically to support builders in delivering superior WiFi service to future residents. The company recognizes that strong, reliable, fast connectivity is something residents demand the instant they walk in the door. For partners in the Blue Stream Fiber Hot Home Program, Blue Stream Fiber pre-designs and installs the Internet and WiFi services for all homes prior to residents moving in, so that the moment the resident walks in, the WiFi is up and running. That is a great way to lower the stress on moving day!

Beyond technology, what makes Blue Stream Fiber a unique component of these communities is that Blue Stream Fiber is not just a vendor or provider; Blue Stream Fiber is a true partner to its associations and multi-unit clients. With 24/7 support, including calls answered in up to a minute and same-day in-home tech support services, each member of the Blue Stream Fiber team is dedicated to delivering incredible customer service so that users can surf and stream without interruptions. Keenly focused on listening to its customer’s concerns, the team goes above and beyond to help solve their most urgent problems and provide the services they need and deserve!
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Blue Stream Fiber

Blue Stream Fiber

Coral Springs, FL

Joe Canavan, CEO

Blue Stream Fiber delivers enterprise-level WiFi coverage with unmatched speed and reliability to almost 100,000 homes and over 250 communities. Blue Stream Fiber has been in business for over 40 years, servicing Florida with best-in-class internet, TV, and phone products.