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Axiom: A Risk-Free Alternative to OEM Upgrades

Eric Devaney, VP, Sales, AxiomEric Devaney, VP, Sales
For Eric Devaney, VP of Sales at Axiom, there was more than one reason to celebrate the 2019 New Year; for one, Axiom’s brand new facility, located in Austin, TX, completed construction and kicked off operations. The upgraded building is outfitted with modern equipment including a testing and programming laboratory, aimed at developing OEM alternative transceivers. As a leading provider of IT datacenter hardware products including memory, storage, networking, connectivity upgrade solutions, and third-party maintenance services, Axiom has been serving its clientele that includes VARs, distributors, and service providers for over 20 years. “Be it a requirement for memory, solid state drives, cables, or any other connectivity product, Axiom has the complete compatible solution,” says Devaney.

A transceiver, which is a combination of receiver and transmitter that acts as the intersection of switches and routers with fiber optic networks, is used in a wide range of applications, including Carrier networks and Data Center networking. In many cases, the end user’s business model is designed in a way that it entirely relies on transceivers. A transceiver is a device with a broad range application, and the demand for an OEM alternative that promises one hundred-percent application compatibility is high. Though multiple vendors in the market offer third-party product offerings, what makes Axiom different is the quality they provide, the diversity of their product line and a track record of delivering the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

“We focus on partnering with a world-class network of distributors, resellers, and system integrators,” states Devaney. In order to support their clients, Axiom builds every transceiver under MSA Guidelines using unique and secure coding for all standard and custom demands.
Axiom’s history of expertise, combined with Axiom’s dedicated engineers, technicians, and partners, ensure best-in-class service, guaranteed compatibility, and unbeatable performance. Axiom’s extensive product line provides a full breadth of network upgrades and connectivity across all types of switches, servers, routers, and security gateways. A challenge many customers face is knowing if a product will be compatible with their current IT platforms. Many, if not all businesses, utilize multiple hardware manufacturers and devices to create their IT infrastructure. To ensure continuous uptime, compatibility across multiple technologies is essential.

Whether a solution is as simple as a quick cable swap or as complex as a multi-coded transceiver, Axiom has the ability to support their customers’ needs. “Overcoming the customer’s obstacles provides Axiom a way to showcase our full breadth of services. Recently, we were consulted by a larger cybersecurity firm,” explained Devaney. “Their hurdle was finding a transceiver solution with a multitude of requirements, including working in conjunction with specific devices, built to exact physical specifications, adhering to TAA Compliance and more.” Axiom’s team successfully built the custom requirements needed to fulfill this project. With breakthrough products such as custom transceivers that support multiple OEM platforms, Axiom is making waves in the industry. Devaney adds that with their new Texas facility in full swing, Axiom’s R&D team is busy working on unique and innovative products that will cater to the increasing and ever-evolving IT landscape.

Axiom also provides full lifecycle support through maintenance services for data centers and IT infrastructures. Devaney explains that the main advantage of using a third-party maintenance service like AMS (Axiom Maintenance Services) is the cost savings. “Third-party maintenance is an effective alternative to OEM-based support at any point in the hardware lifecycle,” he adds. “This includes support for end-of-life and end-of-service-life to extend the lifespan of your IT investments.” Besides providing warranty coverage for all major server, networking, and storage brands, AMS gives control back to their customers by providing cost-effective options, flexible service level agreements, and guaranteed multi-vendor support, all located in one place. With Cover3IT™, Axiom’s unique cloud-based contract management platform, customers can manage and service all their AMS, OEM, and third-party assets in one location.