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Akkadian Labs: Single Pane of Glass to Optimize Communication

Kristin Zimmerman, EVP Global sales, Akkadian LabsKristin Zimmerman, EVP Global sales
Wheels are set into motion by innovative technologies and changing vendor landscape, causing the Unified Communication (UC) ecosystem to withdraw from its antiquated framework, and become more advanced and agile. As UC is now rooted with prolific opportunities, there are new challenges shaping up in the industry too. After Cisco’s Attendant Console end-of-life announcement, companies investing in Cisco Collaboration needed an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solution for their receptionists and office managers to route calls, compelling them to look for a UC leader that could meet their needs. Akkadian Labs’ popular Cisco solution has thousands of licenses deployed and initially found favor in the Cisco Collaboration and Unified Communications community for its server-less platform, reliability and simple user interface.

“Cisco has compelled its clients to upgrade to new software versions, and their OEMed versions of the attendant console was no longer going to be free or supported,” underlines Kristin Zimmerman, EVP, Global sales, Akkadian Labs. The company, whose roots stemmed from a Cisco VAR, wielded its experience to develop akkadian Console Operator (aCO)—which not only works efficiently with the latest software released by Cisco in UC landscape but also doesn’t require any server for a backend support.

“Leaders of Unified Communications adoption choose our software because we make it easy to manage and deploy; we put free downloads right on our site,” said Kristin Zimmerman. “We’ve focused on maintaining usability for the busy operator. Our latest version’s brand new interface reflects this focus on user experience, and supports Cisco’s latest UC Manager version 11,” said Zimmerman.

aCO has the ability to give administrators the ease of managing multiple inbound and outbound calls, with its simple yet efficient operating interface. “The calls can be transferred to mobile phones, which is a great attribute for organizations, leveraging mobility to optimize their workforce,” says Kristin.

aPME enhances the customer’s framework, takes the pressure off from the engineers, and simplify the provisioning of their UC system

aCO comes with a reliable customer support service that makes New York, NY headquartered Akkadian Labs a commendable partner in the UC arena.

Akkadian Labs is simplifying and assisting enterprises in reducing I.T. staff costs for those who have made investments in Cisco’s UC platform and applications. “The number one cost for the I.T. organization is typically its staff. And finding people with the right expertise can be challenging. Just as cloud assists in reducing this cost, we have tailored our akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) software to reduce the cost and increase the productivity of the administration of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager platform,” says Kristin. “aPME enhances the customer’s Cisco investment, takes the pressure off from the engineers and facilitates the provisioning of their UC system,” says Kristin. She goes on to say, “From a single pane of glass, customers can optimize their users’ collaboration devices, increasing adoption—all in a reliable and secure fashion.”

The eminent features of the Akkadian Labs’ UC portfolio compelled a geographically dispersed real estate organization, with 4000 end-users worldwide to choose aPME for optimizing their services. “With our offering, they were able to train their administrators on provisioning in a matter of hours rather than weeks,” explains Kristin. “The customer was also able to customize their system on the basis of location as per their needs.” It is not just the products, but the efforts made in comprehending the customer’s needs and providing a ‘WOW’ that keeps Akkadian Labs at front from its competitors.

Belonging to the Cisco Developer Network, Akkadian Labs solutions such akkadian Global Directory (aGD) and Mindframe are the epitome of innovation. Where aGD helps desktop Cisco IP phone users effectively search for, locate, and contact colleagues within their companies, Mindframe—the upcoming platform—will further increase the tenacity of Akkadian Labs in the UC landscape.