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A10 Networks: Intelligent Automation with Machine Learning to Mitigate Advanced Cyber Attacks

Gunter Reiss, VP of Worldwide Marketing, A10 NetworksGunter Reiss, VP of Worldwide Marketing
When Lee Chen—a veteran of Silicon Valley networking start-ups and serial entrepreneur—founded A10 Networks in 2004, he was laser-focused on building the fastest, highest performing, and most scalable load balancer in the industry based on X86 Intel off-the-shelf hardware. Having achieved that, Chen devised an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) for providing Layer 4-7 load balancing. This was when he realized that A10 Networks’ Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) and shared memory architecture is uniquely positioned to provide visibility into SSL traffic. At a time when nearly 50 percent of enterprise web traffic was encrypted, and advanced threats hiding in SSL traffic was increasing, it was more important to develop a comprehensive and high-performance solution that decrypts traffic at scale. This would enable enterprise security devices to analyze enterprise traffic and stop malware and cyberthreats.

This is precisely what A10 Networks brought to the table. For more than half a decade now, the company brings in-depth and unprecedented expertise required to build heavy processing capabilities to decrypt traffic across all standard TCP ports and advanced protocols and re-encrypt the same traffic, all in real-time.

A10 Networks specializes in AI-driven application and network security solutions delivering ML-based and automated DDoS protection, high performance SSL visibility, hyperscale 5G security and secure application delivery in multi-cloud environments. These application and network security solutions work cohesively to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks at the network edge and decrypt SSL traffic for analyzing and mitigating SSL-based attacks. A10 Networks also empowers clients with secure application delivery that offers integrated security controls for protecting applications.
A10 Networks leverages AI and ML capabilities to protect the client infrastructure from ever-evolving cyber-attacks. A10 Networks provides better insights into attacks by proactively tracking information from various cyber weapons across the globe.

A10 Networks has developed the most scalable DDoS mitigation platform with a smaller form factor than what the competitors are delivering. “Our industry-leading scale, performance and constant innovation has resulted in us being the only vendor for DDoS mitigation for the entire Microsoft Azure cloud,” says Gunter Reiss, VP of Worldwide Marketing. A10 Networks has also developed the Harmony™ Controller—a centralized agile management, automation, and analytics solution—for secure application services deployment over various underlying infrastructures. This tool helps organizations to efficiently automate deployment and operations of application services, simplify the management of distributed application services, receive alerts on security anomalies, and much more.

“The Harmony Controller is a game changer and one-of-its-kind offering that presents advanced security, visibility, per app-analytics and troubleshooting capabilities for complex multi-cloud environments. We collect intelligence from various sources and add it to the Harmony Controller to ultimately provide a complete view of the network security statistics,” adds Reiss. Unlike a standard cloud or DDoS scrubbing solution, A10 Networks’ hybrid security solution delivers complete protection. It not only secures the service provider’s infrastructure and applications, but also their clients who use multiple platforms that are not part of the infrastructure protection plan. As a key partner of Microsoft, the company has built a cloud access proxy for Office 365, offering reduced latency for a better user experience with centralized management and SSL encryption and decryption.

A10 Networks provides flexible software licensing that meets the requirements of any enterprise operating in a complex multi-cloud environment. Furthermore, A10 Networks’ approach to educate the customer on the best practices to tackle the rising cyber challenges is an added advantage. With the rise of Kubernetes, the company has also announced a Secure Service Mesh with Harmony Controller based on the microcontroller services architecture. The company plans to deliver not just TLS 1.3 support, but also a secure-service-mesh architecture around the Kubernetes containerization.