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Hope Of SDN Being Translated To Action And Real Products

Hope Of SDN Being Translated To Action And Real Products

Sunil Kandekar, CEO, Nuage Networks

We are still in the early days if what will prove to be a meaningful shift. Many have already been quite bullish in market projections, but I think it's most appropriate to focus on delivering value and solving real problems.

  • GroupA: One Touchpoint For SD-WAN

    William Max, Director of Network Engineering, Jason Gotchall, Director of Business Development and Jake Hastings, Principal

    Google makes digital transformation sound simple. The majority of the searches there state, "It is the integration of digital technologies to improve business processes and customer experiences."

  • Wireless Advancements Leaving Industry with Few Options

    Morgan O’Brien, Vice Chairman, pdvWireless

    America today enjoys a veritable banquet of wireless opportunities, services, and innovations brought to them by a fully competitive wireless marketplace.

  • Can Your CDN Handle a Cloud Based Web Application?

    Vikas Garg, SVP-Engineering and Operations, Aryaka Networks

    The first generation of CDNs spent millions of dollars building out caching infrastructure and investing in a large number of Points of Presence (PoPs) that were globally distributed.

  • Rich Communication Services (RCS) Are Here - What You Need to Know

    Chris Drake, CTO, iconectiv

    RCS offers a rich experience for business-to-consumer engagement with capabilities are like those of an app but with the simplicity and convenience of SMS messaging

Laying Foundation For A Dynamic Infrastructure

Mike Aquino, CEO, Overture Networks

Overture will be in trials and initial deployments of its Ensemble Open Service Architecture for software-defined services at the metro service edge.

Delivering the Greatest IT Outcomes

Delivering the Greatest IT Outcomes

Dave Goff, SVP and CIO, ECMC Group

It is important to be open-minded, listen to feedback, and continually refine the approach on IT...

Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization

Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization

Massimo Rapparini, CIO, Viavi Solutions

Networks are the new frontier in virtualization and they are getting crowded with new technology and...

Cloud Networking: Lessons Learned from Compute

Cloud Networking: Lessons Learned from Compute

Jeff Raymond, VP, EOS Software and Services, Arista Networks

The cloud network architects were designing for a new rate of growth and control needed for...

Supporting SDN on VMware NSX Space

Rafi Khan, CIO-Consultant at Riverside Community Care and Senior Consultant at Open Minds

The trends that are unfolding their features in the VMware space are Network Virtualization and Mobile Cloud.

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