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Cisco Video Collaboration Transforms Business Operation

Cisco Video Collaboration Transforms Business Operation

Alfredo Ramirez, CEO, Vyopta Incorporated

We estimate saving at least $1,000 per out-of-town interview candidate, which is over 50 percent of the candidates for Development, Sales, Marketing and Services.

  • GroupA: One Touchpoint For SD-WAN

    William Max, Director of Network Engineering, Jason Gotchall, Director of Business Development and Jake Hastings, Principal

    Google makes digital transformation sound simple. The majority of the searches there state, "It is the integration of digital technologies to improve business processes and customer experiences."

  • Leveraging College Interns as an Innovation Partner

    Vennard Wright, CIO, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

    We’ve been able to engage with industry partners who can work to continue development of our new technology applications beyond the period our interns are available to engage with us.

  • Data to Marshal on Field Troops

    Eric Rivas, Director of Service, Cattron Global

    The next crucial step is to build these indicators, data points that collect the information to create our KPIs, into the process that is used by the service team.

  • The 5G Container Ship: Loaded With Sliced Beams and Liferafts

    Mansoor Hanif, Director of Converged Networks and Innovation, BT

    Network slicing opens up a variety of commercial opportunities based on federated slicing, either for verticals or horizontally across service providers.

The Internet of Things: The Catalyst Behind the Sharing Economy

Ludovico Fassati, Head of IoT, Vodafone Americas

In my opinion, there is no such thing as the sharing economy without IoT, as it enables the sharing economy by acting as a connecter of different components to people who want to use them.

We Need to Talk About Networks

We Need to Talk About Networks

Peter Terry-Brown, Connectivity & Unified Communications Director, Vodafone Business

In the recent Global Trends Report by Vodafone, 92% of businesses agreed that technology can help...

SD-WAN: Today's Networking Technology

SD-WAN: Today's Networking Technology

Rahoul Ghose, CIO, ECMC Group

A few decades ago, Sun Microsystems coinedthe phrase “The Network Is the Computer” to define its...

802.11ac and 2.5G Ethernet Speeds: Enabling the Mobile Enterprise

802.11ac and 2.5G Ethernet Speeds: Enabling the Mobile Enterprise

Nicholas Ilyadis, VP & CTO, Infrastructure & Networking Group, Broadcom

Network administrators and the enterprise networks they oversee are under siege. At every turn,...

3 Things to Consider Before Deploying UC to Enhance the Enterprise Network Experience

Russ Fordyce, Managing Director, Marketing, Broadview Networks

Today’s leading cloud-based UC providers give organizations the flexibility to add new services and features employees crave to make them more mobile and productive users.