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An Opportunity to Focus on Transparent IT resources and Dollars

An Opportunity to Focus on Transparent IT resources and Dollars

Kim Barrier, VP & CIO, Amy's Kitchen

Today, a CIO is first and foremost a business leader. Secondly, they should know a lot about technology and how to leverage it to support the business.

  • Wireless Advancements Leaving Industry with Few Options

    Morgan O’Brien, Vice Chairman, pdvWireless

    America today enjoys a veritable banquet of wireless opportunities, services, and innovations brought to them by a fully competitive wireless marketplace.

  • How Central Offices and Data Centers Co-exist

    Pat Thompson, Vice President and Craig Culwell, Solutions Architect, CommScope

    Latency is driven by the number of electronic conversions made – the number of hops the signal has to take to retrieve or transmit data. Each time a conversion is made, latency is added.

  • How Will 'Internet of Things' Impact My Business?

    Jag Randhawa, VP and CIO, Camico

    A $19 trillion train is about to hit the rails, and its speed is faster than anything we have ever seen before. That train is a new technology concept called Internet of Things. According to Cisco, Internet of

  • The Global Race to 5G is On

    Tom Sawanobori, SVP & CTO, CTIA

    Look around! You will see the vast majority of people using their mobile devices, whether that’s to use the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, or post to social media.

Future is Now: The Network Gets a Brain

Jared Wray, SVP, Platform, CenturyLink Cloud

In the movie “The Terminator,” computers have evolved to the point of automation.

Journey towards Continuous Improvement

Journey towards Continuous Improvement

Chad Leverenz, VP, IT Infrastructure and Development, Mercy Housing

For the top IT leaders [CXO] crafting a strategy and vision and visiting it frequently with the team...

Harnessing the Power of Digitization

Harnessing the Power of Digitization

Anand Oswal, SVP, Engineering, Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco

The business IT landscape is evolving at breakneck speed. The cumulative onslaught of technology...

Understanding Network Security

Understanding Network Security

Mike Holcomb, Director of Information Security, Fluor Corporation

Networks today are continually evolving landscapes where systems, applications, and the other...

The Net Neutrality Debate

Georgios Kyriakopoulos, VP-Equity Research, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

The concept of ‘net neutrality’ is based on the idea that each packet of data transmitted across the internet is considered equal.

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